Sunday, December 30, 2012

52:25 Snuggle Time

I Want to Remember
Snuggle Time
 I want to remember snuggle time with you. These past few weeks I have been so spoiled because I have had work off. We have taken daily naps, read several books, worked on getting up off the ground off your tummy, and sitting independently. This nap was so special because daddy was working downstairs on the basement and he came up and found us like this. He got jealous and we all went to bed for a serious snuggle session! This was one of those moments that I want to remember forever. 
Caught Napping at the Cabin! Love this moment!
Well, I am OFFICIALLY done bragging about Annie's awesome sleeping schedule! She now hates to sleep at night! We tried weaning her off the swaddle and then taking it away completely. We have tried feeding her food right before bed and just giving her the boob before bed. We have tried elevating her crib and letting her sleep in the bassinet. We've put her to bed earlier and tried putting her to bed later.  And NOTHING is seeming to help her sleepless nights. So as for now I am thankful that I can nap with her during the days, but when I go back to work this week I am hoping that she gets some sleep so I can actually function in my classroom! Here's to hoping that this growth spurt/teething/ear infection stage is almost over so we can all get some serious sleep again!

You are 6 Months Old!

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

52:24 Your First Christmas

I Want to Remember
Your First Christmas
I want to remember your first Christmas. Your Papa and I were so overjoyed this Christmas to have you to celebrate with. We spent time in Chaska for your first Christmas with Daddy's side of the family and you spent Christmas Eve and Christmas Day with Mommy's side of the family. You did so well with all the traveling and all the family members. You got VERY spoiled, but you were more entertained with the wrapping paper and ribbons than the actual presents!  You got some fabulous new outfits and great new toys to that you will grow into! Cannot wait to try them all out. We truly just felt so lucky and blessed to have you this Christmas.
My thoughts on the Holidays:
This season is WaY more fun with a baby to buy for!
My favorite Christmas gift for you was Elijah the Elephant by Rockabye Baby 
There are LOTS of adorable holiday books and songs to read to baby! 
You can never have too many holiday dresses! 
Driving all over for the holidays, cannot happen every holiday! It's exhausting!


Saturday, December 15, 2012

52:23 Sitting on Your Own

I Want to Remember
Sitting on Your Own

I want to remember you sitting on your own. The past few weeks you have been leaning, toppling, and wobbling while sitting, with the Bobby surrounding you.  But now you are officially able to sit on your own. Not for very long, and I know this amount of time will only increase, but it is so exciting to see how strong and brave you are! 

Saturday, December 8, 2012

52:22 Your First Snowfall

I Want to Remember
Your First Snowfall
I want to remember your first snowfall. You were so intrigued by snow. As it came down I sat you in front of our sliding door and you just stared at it. Your eyes were memorized by it and I just loved watching you tap the window. We took you outside the next morning in your snowsuit and we laid you in the snow.We weren't sure how you'd react, but you just giggled and kept hitting at the snow with your legs and hands. I think you will be quite the snow bunny! 

Midwest Baby!
This crazy child definitely loves the cold! It is the strangest thing, I get her all bundled up to go from the parking lot to the Target entrance and she would throw such a fuss about getting so bundled, I would too, but regardless, the second she feels that chilling breeze from outside she just cheeses out! She got some adorable new snow suits, hats, booties, and mittens!  It has been so fun dressing her up for this ridiculous winter weather! More pictures to come on this! I promise!

Friday, November 30, 2012

52:21 Your First Christmas Tree

I Want to Remember
Your First Christmas Tree

I want to remember your first Christmas Tree. We had such a wonderful weekend as a family! We went to Sibley Park to see 1 million lights, live reindeer, have hot chocolate, see Santa, and listen to Christmas music. You loved looking up at all the colorful lights from the stroller and hearing all the commotion.
The next morning we went and cut down our own xmas tree. You were so giggling on this day. I am pretty sure you were more excited than I was! We spent the entire day decking out for the Holidays. Me and you worked inside the house putting up all the decorations and Papa was outside all day decorating the whole house with lights!

That night we made a great dinner - you eating some more avocados (I think these are your favorites so far), and then we all decorated the xmas tree! The last step was you putting on your first ornament.

We got you an adorable little shoe with your name on it. You loved grabbing it and throwing it into your mouth! I think you like the coolness of it. It was so fun to watch and you get as excited for the Holidays as much as we do! 

Here is to many more years of holiday traditions and memories!

You are 5 Months Old!

Saturday, November 24, 2012

52:20 Your First Thanksgiving

I Want to Remember
Your First Thanksgiving
I want to remember your first Thanksgiving. We had so much to be thankful for this Thanksgiving. Just last Thanks giving I told our family members that you were in my in tummy and this Thanksgiving I gave you your first meal. It was so fitting for the holidays because I gave you sweet potatoes. You didn’t know what to think at first, but before long you were opening your mouth for more. I hope I can keep making you food, so you eat healthier than your mommy!

Making Baby Food
Whew…this is quite the chore! Just looking into what to feed baby first is quite the decision, and making the food from scratch is a whole other ball game! I have two books, few websites, and some friends that I looked into and everyone’s beliefs are so different about what is best, what should be first and how much, how often. So I am just doing what I think is best for Anniston and going with that.
So as of now I am still mainly going to be breastfeeding, but starting off, once a day, I will feed her food – during our breakfast. And so far I am making and freezing her food. So far I've made sweet potatoes, broccoli, carrots, rice cereal and quinoa.  I am completely going to wing this and see how it goes! Any advice? I’ll gladly take it! 

Saturday, November 10, 2012

52:19 Grabbing Your Toes

I Want to Remember
Grabbing Your Toes
I want to remember how much you giggled the first time you grabbed your toes. You were so proud of yourself and in aww of what was in your hands. You've tried so hard to put those little toes in your mouth, but you aren't quite there yet. Thanks for being mommy's little helper while changing you this week by holding up those strong legs of yours. I guess it's time to start singing a new nursery rhyme!

To Swaddle or Not to Swaddle
 I am currently struggling with this whole swaddle situation! I am in LOVE with our Halo Sleep Sacks - I tell everyone and anyone that it is THE key to getting your baby to sleep through the night! And so far, it's now worked for 4 of my good friends and their little newbies! BUT, according to some books and some sites I am supposed to stop swaddling Anniston at 4 months. Some reasons being potential to start rolling over, for additional movement when she sleeps, because she has been out of the womb long enough that she no longer needs that comfort, and because my mother calls it the straight jacket!
Well, unfortunately for me, Annie does NOT sleep at all through the night when she isn't swaddled! She literally wakes up about every two hours! And not just stirs. I am talking eyes open, arms flailing, legs kicking and ready to move. But with it, she sleeps 10+ hours! Our doctor said we will know when shes ready to stop being swaddled, because she will start fighting it when we put her in it. Well, she doesn't at all. It is quite the opposite! But regardless, I know the dreaded day/week/month of transitioning needs to come soon. So I just need advice in the transition part of stopping the sweet swaddling and moving her into freedom.
My baby girl all swaddled up with her papa for the night!


Saturday, November 3, 2012

52:18 Your First Halloween

I Want to Remember
Your First Halloween
I want to remember dressing you up for your first Halloween. I debated for a long time about what to dress you as for Halloween. Your daddy and I LOVE Halloween,  so I knew we needed something unique and special!  I bought you material for a turtle costume (that fell through), a peacock costume (I thought you'd be uncomfortable), so THE day of Halloween, I pulled together these materials and made you an octopus costume! I.LOVED.IT! We took you trick-or-treating at a friends house, then we took you to the mall to show you off. You were so smiley this night and everyone just loved looking at you and all your legs! 
I also want to remember this day because last year on Halloween I told your Papa that you were in my tummy! Remember that story?! He was so surprised that he thought I was "tricking" him for Halloween - but you ended up being the best "treat" we could have ever asked for.
Fun in the Fall!
I seriously love fall! There are always so many fun things to do - pumpkin patch, scarecrow festival, drinking apple cider, carving pumpkins, and raking the leaves! But having a kid to do these things with makes it all SO much better! Unfortunately, along with the changing of the season, comes a lot of stuffy noses, congestion, and coughs! Half my students were sick this week and even our daycare was even closed half of the week because her kiddos got sick! Boo, to sickness, but snaps to having fun in the fall! 
Annie visiting me on Halloween day! Grandma was babysitting so she snuck her in! Lucky momma!
Trick or Treat, Painted Feet!
 Footprint candy corn project that Anniston created at daycare! First craft project is in the books!

Saturday, October 27, 2012

52:17 Making Rasberries

I Want to Remember
Making Rasberries
You are just beginning to teeth and you are drooling so much. Whenever you just start drooling you make all these little spit bubbles – making raspberries. You haven’t been too fussy when teething so far, but there are times when I can tell your uncomfortable and I just want to take away your pain.

Sleep Needed

So Anniston's perfect sleep schedule is being destroyed! I think it is a mix between her in the early stages of teething, growing so she is getting hungry in the middle of night, and she is growing out of the whole being swaddled situation. I don't know how normal adults function with this little of sleep, so I am truly hoping this is just a short lived phase, because this momma needs some serious sleep!

Drooling Monster
Along with the early stages of teething some drooling. I mean A LOT of drooling! She is drooling through bibs, sucking on everything, and going through multiple outfits/day. Turns out there is a whole market for teething babies, so what did I do? I bought an assortment of EVERYTHING. Seriously, and turns out she doesn't like half of it! She loves when things are really cold and things that she can stick in her mouth and gnaw on. I am sure things will come more in handy as she begins to develop more teeth, but as for now, she is loving her cold Joshua giraffe and grapes teether.

Saturday, October 20, 2012

52:16 Your First Week of Daycare

I Want to Remember
Your First Week of Daycare
I want to remember your first full week of daycare. You did it! I think you did better than mommy this week. Daddy went with me for the first day of drop off and he just hugged me as I cried in the driveway. I knew you were in wonderful hands, but I just felt like I was letting you down by leaving you for so long. I don't think daycare will ever get easier, but picking you up and seeing your smiling face is my favorite part of everyday. 

Daycare Blues
Okay, so if you're reading this and you're even thinking about getting pregnant, you should probably find a daycare...NOW. Seriously, daycare is really difficult to find! Well, great daycare that is!  Luckily I found a wonderful babysitter - after several interviews and house/center visits. She is even kind enough to take the time to text me and send me pictures of my Annie smiling or just to tell me how her days are going! She totally wins brownie points for that!
 But I will say that I did struggle with finding daycare, so I can't give much advice. Okay, but really, as we looked around, I quickly realized that some people should NOT be watching children! It is quite terrifying actually! But like I said, I definitely had my share of interviews to determine what was best for us, so we saw quite the range of personalities/schedules/houses/centers/payments/beliefs.  
We chose an in home center because there was few children (only 3) and I just felt like I would be able to know exactly who was with my child all day, rather than having different workers cycling in and out throughout the day. We are also able to have Nick drop off and me pick up after work, which really works out for our scheduling.  
In the end, there is nothing easy about daycare, but my advice is just to know your options and don't just settle with daycare, they will end up spending more time with your baby than you at times, so you want someone that you can trust, that works with your schedule, and your personality! And the fact that I found someone that does awesome theme daycare days - like PJ day - means I found the right one. Needless to say, I am in Heaven! 

Pajama Day at Daycare!

Annie with Hudson

Annie with Lily

Saturday, October 13, 2012

52:15 Your First Cold

I Want to Remember
Your First Cold
I want to remember you being so strong through your first real sickness. You had to feel so miserable, yet you never got fussy or irritated. Your little coughs sounded so congested and your nose was so plugged. I would have done anything to make you feel better. Thank you for being so tough for mommy and smiling through the yucky feelings.

Being Sick Sucks
When your baby is sick, you feel absolutely helpless. And that, is a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad feeling. I always remember when I grew up my mom saying, "I wish I could just be sick for you" or "I wish it was me in pain instead." Well, I totally understand her statement now. Every time she coughed, sniffled, or sounded raspy my heart just broke! But I will admit that Boogie Wipes (especially the grape ones), Snot Suction Bulbs, and warm mist humidifiers are miracle workers. And I will always have these items on hand for me for future sniffles - because unfortunately, I know this isn't the last of them. 

Saturday, October 6, 2012

52:14 Attaching Yourself

I Want to Remember
You Attaching Yourself
I want to remember the first time you really began attaching yourself to things. You recently learned how to grab a hold of things and now you have a few things that you never let go of - Joshua Giraffe, Sophie your Stuffy, & your Pink Boa Paci that mommy made (the stores definitely didn't sell cute enough ones for you). But whenever these friends are in your grasp you are calm and cute as a button!
 Cool as a Cucumber
Annie and I have had to take a few trips back to SD solo style. Nickolas has to work and I have been going during the week. So unfortunately, that meant long road trips with just the two of us. That song "Just the Two of Us," sounds pleasant, but clearly Will Smith wasn't referring to a road trip with an infant. Whenever she cries I feel like I need to pull over, take her out, and soothe her until she calms down. Unfortunately, as soon as I put her back in the car seat, she isn't calm anymore. I have found that Joshua Giraffe and Sophie her Stuffy are life savers. She just sucks on them and plays with them and she truly is cool as a cucumber. 

Saturday, September 29, 2012

52:13 Discovering Your Hands

I Want to Remember
You Discovering Your Hands
Oh my goodness, you have discovered your hands and it is the sweetest thing I have ever seen. There are times were you will just sit on our lap and fiddle with your hands or chew on your hands for ten minutes at a time. There are times where I am pretty sure you are praying. And I say a little prayer too, because I feel so grateful for having you in my life. 
Drooling, Chewing, and Playing, Oh My!
Okay, so I didn't realize that babies started drooling this soon. So for about two weeks I seriously thought Anniston was teething!! I know, I was naive. But out of nowhere she was sticking everything that she could get her hands on in her mouth - blankets, hands, rattles, even my hair! Oh yes, she discovered I have hair and that she really likes to pull on it. Well, needless to say, I learned that this stage is completely normal and she still has quite a ways to go before teething. Thank goodness, because she is growing up way too fast already!

Saturday, September 22, 2012

52: 12 Your First Flight

I Want to Remember
Your First Flight
You did so well on your flights to and from Colorado. On the way home our flight was delayed, but yet they put us on the plane anyway. And we waited...and waited...and waited. Although you looked pretty upset in this picture, you couldn't have been more sweet cooing and ahhing on the plane. Thank you for being you.

Up, Up, and Away!
Everyone knows that flying with a baby can be stressful. So I was very hesitant about these flights. I read up on what to do, helpful tips, and what to do if things go crazy! Well the most common thing I saw again and again was to make sure they were sucking while the plane was ascending and descending.  So of course I went into panic when Anniston wouldn't suck on anything while we went up! But she didn't seem bothered by the plane at all. The only time she was bothered was on our way home. We were delayed, next to a drunk man that almost made us de-plane (true story), and we still had a three hour drive after we landed. Luckily for this momma, both dad and baby slept the whole car ride home. Cheers to flexible babies and new adventures! 

Schedule. What Schedule?
 So BEFORE we went to Colorado. We had a schedule. A concrete, I know when Annie will sleep, eat, cry, poop, and spit up kind of schedule. Now that we are home, I cannot seem to get her back on her seamless schedule again. She is going to bed later, waking up earlier. Sleeping shorter periods and eating faster. All in all I think my baby girl is growing and this momma needs to keep up! Hopefully we can get back on track...before I go back to work! Eeek!
Right before getting on her first plane ride to Colorado! 


Saturday, September 15, 2012

52:11 Being Naked is Fun

I Want to Remember
Being Naked is Fun

I want to remember how big you smile whenever I let you be free for awhile. I love holding you and nuzzling your soft skin or making you lock out your little legs and watching you squeeze your bottom or just watching you and your kicky legs go crazy. Being naked it fun, freeing, and pretty dang fabulous.

Being Naked is oh so Nice 
I am fairly certain that Anniston is happiest completely in the buff. I can't blame her though. Being strained to an uncomfortable diaper cannot be very soothing. She has been known to give some of her biggest smiles and sweetest coos when she is naked. There are days where I change her diaper and we just hang out on some soft blankets and have story time, tummy time or just sing some songs with no worries at all - until she pees all over the soft blankets that is! Let's face it, life is better in the buff.

Saturday, September 8, 2012

52:10 How Comfortable You are Against Me

 I Want to Remember
How Comfortable You are Against Me

I want to remember the first time daddy helped me put you into one of these. I needed to get things done around the house and the thought of putting you down was not pleasant. So I threw on the K'Tan and lifted you up and daddy wrapped you tight up against me. I spent the next hour just doing things here and there, completely at bliss because there you were, nuzzled in, right up against me. Right where you belong. 
 Baby K'Tans and Baby Bjorns are Fabulous.
Oh my, these things are life savers. How did they ever accomplish anything without these handy things! I wear my Baby K’Tan just around the house when I am trying to clean, eat, well really do anything with my hands! She loves it and all the different positions you can do with it! The Baby Bjorn is perfect for walks and grocery shopping! I don’t always feel like lugging out the stroller for walks or carrying in the car seat when I need to make a quick trip into Target. Yup, this thing rules for those situations and Annie loves being all snuggled into it. And I can’t complain about grocery shopping when I look down and she’s all nuzzled up against me.

Saturday, September 1, 2012

52:9 Our Nightly Walks

I want to Remember
Our Nightly Walks
I want to remember the way that look up at me during our daily walks. Sometimes I just talk to you about what I am feeling, questions I have, songs that are in my head. And you just listen and look. And there are times when I feel like you completely understand what I am saying. Thank you for being such a great listener.
Strollers rule. 
Well, when you remember them that is... I learned the hard when Grandma and I took Anniston to her first trip to the Mall of America. Carrying a newborn, shopping bags and trying to shop is not the easiest of tasks. You would think the Mall of AMERICA would at least have newborn strollers to rent out. Nope, so we definitely got our workout in that day! Lucky for us, Annie Bananie is a natural shopper and enjoyed every bit of the experience! 
Now that Annie is a bit older, and I am back to feeling like myself, I have started running again! So that means jogging stroller is out and this thing seriously dominates. We have the B.O.B jogger and it it so smooth, light and easy to maneuver! Overall, our stroller has gotten many morning walks, nighttime runs, and shopping experiences in it already and Annie loves looking out at the World around her as we stroll. So much to take in and so much to do!

Saturday, August 25, 2012

52: 8 Your Personality Appearing

I Want to Remember 
Your Personality Appearing

I cannot believe you are two months old already! In the last two weeks alone I feel like you have changed so much. You are starting to develop your own little personality! Here are some of my favorite moments or lessons learned from this month!

8 Week Check Up:
Dr. Cox
Height: 22.5 Inches (56%)
Weight: 11.6 lbs (63%)
Head Circumference: 15 inches (57%)

I am Superwoman! 
I know everyone oohhs and ahhs over their baby all the time. Who wouldn't. But I seriously think Annie Banannie is the strongest baby. EVER. She holds her head up like a champ and locks her legs out to stand all the time. It is amazing to feel and I show it off to everyone. Yes, even strangers that stop to meet her. Apologies to my friends and family who I show EVERY TIME I see them how strong she is. I also let Anniston know how impressed I am all the time. I consider myself her cheerleader, because everyone needs a cheerleader pushing them on...right?!
Naked Annie showing off her strong legs and giving us a little extra surprise!

Anniston Has her Very Own Pair of Sassy Pants
Although my sweet little girl cannot talk yet, she definitely knows how to express her love for being held! Now I am not complaining, because I know there are plenty of babies out there that just cry to cry. No, not Annie. She just cries when you set her down. It is especially bad after she has been babysat by grandma for a few days. But as long as your body is moving and grooving she is one happy camper. There are times where she is literally in a dead, snoring sleep in my arms (yes, she snores) and I carefully lay her down and BAA!!! You would think that I just did something horrible by her shrieks! Nope...just set her down is all. Sa-ssy!
 Entertaining Anniston with songs and dances!
Even her sassy face is way too sweet!

Sleep Still Rocks
Oh yes, she is still a champ at sleeping through the night! Dare I say we have even developed a schedule?! After her last feeding (usually around 8:00), we take her bath, lotion her up, put on her jammies and swaddle her up. Then we just sing her a few lullabies and lay her in the crib. She usually falls asleep on her own by 9:30. Amazeballs.  

Thrush Sucks
Okay, we have been battling this thrush business for about a month. And I will say that we got thrush and mastitis on the SAME week. My poor boobs. But after giving her medicine for the thrush 10 days and nothing happening, I took extreme measures and got her gentian violet. I have heard from several people that is the only remedy that truly works. Unfortunately it is ridiculously messy - it stained her clothes, her skin, my nipples, her blankets. Lily probably even had stains on her somewhere. It was ridiculous. But I will admit we got a pretty good laugh out of Anniston turning into a purple princess for a few days straight. We tried to hoard ourselves in the house as much as possible while we were purple so people didn't assume I was trying to goth out my baby already. We will wait until she is one for that.
Annie's stained lips and my stained fingers.
Home is a Baby Sanctuary
Music, Vibration, and Soft Fabrics fill our home daily and it is such a calming and peaceful aura. Whenever Nick comes home from work he comments on the calmness of the house. My television watching, has been replaced by soft music. The laundry is done daily and filled with fleece and minky material. And my 50 shades has been stowed away and replaced with sweet picture books. No siree, you can't have a bad day with this baby.
Annie laying in her bouncer.
Girl Clothes Rule
I am obsessed with Anniston's clothes. And her clothes to come. There are WAY too many adorable options to dress her up with. Thank God I had a girl first, because I don't think my boy would be nearly as into headbands as Anniston is. There are days where we don't even leave the house and I just change her outfit because it is so fun and I think she likes to add variety to her day. 
Some of my favorites from top left to right: Child of Mine by Carters Layette, Gymboree shorts, Just One You ensemble.
Bottom from left to right: Gap Romper, Janie & Jack Romper & Onesie, Kicky Pants PJs

Daddy's Voice Makes Me Oh So Happy
There is something about daddy's voice that just makes Anniston show off her gummy smiles. As soon as he comes home from work everyday it is the sweetest thing to see her light up. She can be sleeping, eating, or playing and the second he says, "Hello, it's your papa!" She just lights up. It is the sweetest thing in the World. Love him. Love her. 

Running or Walking? 
So about two weeks ago I decided to start running again. I was super pumped because we got out the jogging stroller and I have been feeling pretty good.  Unfortunately, I am fairly certain that I can walk faster than these attempted runs, but is better than nothing right? In no time I hope I can work my way up to a hobbling speed, one stride at a time right? 
Going for a morning run/walk.

Saturday, August 18, 2012

52:7 Your Baptism

I Want to Remember
Your Baptism
You were so sweet this morning. Mommy was such an emotional mess, but you slept through all of mass. You stretched just a little as father poured the water over your head and you fell right back asleep.

Anniston was baptized on August 19th, 2012. Talk about an emotional morning. Not sure why, but this Momma could not put herself together. But we had so many friends and family that came up to support Anniston on her baptism. 

Annie with her godparents: Uncle Jake & Auntie A

Saturday, August 11, 2012

52:6 Your First "Real" Smiles

You are already six weeks Annie Bananie! We cannot believe how time has passed already and all the changes you've made. In the past few days we have definitely noticed that you're starting to recognize that there is a lot to take in around her - tracking objects that are further away, following our faces and fingers, and you even smile for us now! Sometimes I still think its just because you're gassy, but other times I am certain that you are giggling at our ridiculous baby voices, made up stories, songs, or faces that we are making at you.

Her are a few snapshots of her taking it all in!
Playing with her new activity play mat! So much to take in!
All smiles at home, with grandma and for snuggle time!

Saturday, August 4, 2012

52:5 Giving You Your First Bath

 I want to Remember
Giving You Your First "Real" Bath

I remember your first bath in the hospital. I didn't even give you this bath and I just felt like grabbing you from that nurses arms and holding you close to me. I knew it was something I had to do, but knowing you hated it, made me hate it.
Sponge Baths are Incredibly Stressful.  
Oh my, no one prepared me for how awful sponge baths are! They were filled with tears, goosebumps, and shivers from both Mom and Anniston! We had to give sponge baths at the beginning because her umbilical cord was still attached, but Anniston was NOT a fan. The first time Nick and I got ready to give her one I had the camera ready to capture the moment. As soon as the water touched her she was not impressed. It was the first time I saw her cry tears, real tears. So then I cried tears, real tears. Luckily, dad was there to jump in and rescue both of us. 

Baths in her Bath Tub are Incredibly Sweet. 
I must emphasize, the “in her bath tub” statement! Needless to say, after exactly one week she lost part of her umbilical cord (which was a story within itself) and then by 2 weeks and 2 days she lost all of it. So, now that her belly button is cord free we are onto her little bath tub, and she loves the warm water and her eyes just light up whenever I set her in it. It is one of my favorite things to do with her now! Here’s to happy suds and soap! 
Bath time has turned into my favorite part of the day. You love the water! Watching you kick and splash in the water is bliss. We've even taken a few baths together and daddy just sits with us and watches us play in the tub. You like to push off of me and feel the water run over you.