Saturday, November 30, 2013

Anniston is 17 Months!

You are 17 Months Old Today!
While Anniston was 16 Months She: 

Learned to Walk in Snow Pants and Boots - Quite the Challenge

Threw her first snowball and then leaned down and kissed the snow. 

Learned to Say "Pease" and "Tank You" for everything and it melts our heart every time we hear it!

Loves the word "No!"

She starting throwing things away in the trash - even if it isn't trash. 

Wears mostly 12 months clothes and size 4 shoes. 

Wants to carry 2 babies now wherever she goes. 

Had her first real sickness - throwing up for 12 hours! She was such a tough girl. And she even rubbed mommy's leg when she was sick. I love how much empathy she already shows towards others when they are sad. 

Started showing her first signs of the Terrible Twos by having unexplainable tantrums. I am hoping its just her teeth! 

She has 13 teeth completely in. We are just waiting on her 3 canine teeth now and second molars! Her top right canine just broke through!

She can now unplug her monitor from her crib and turn the lights on and off. So sneaky!

She found a new love for cheese sticks! 

Friday, November 29, 2013

18 Weeks

How Far Along:
18 Weeks Along (11/29/2013)
Homemade stuffing! I had some at our first family Thanksgiving and cannot wait for our second round! Oh yes, and green bean casserole. Yup, feeling hungry again already! 
How Am I Feeling:
Great! I feel like myself and remembering how much I love this part of the pregnancy!
Very typical right now! Since it's the holidays I am definitely staying up later than I typically would, but it's okay! It's all part of the holiday mayhem! 
Miss Anything: 
Mulled wine! Nick brought some home and all these places are having it for a fall/holiday drink. Hot apple cider is my BFF right now and it's working for me! 
 Very minimal still. There have been a few times when I am playing down and feel a slight movement here or there! I am excited to start really feeling it again! I miss those feelings! 
Most Exciting Moment This Week:
We been VERY busy to say the least! This week we drove to Nebraska for my side of the family Thanksgiving! We got to carpool with Angela and Jake from Sioux Falls so it was fun talking about baby buys, sharing stories and just catching up!  And now, Nick's family is all coming to our house tomorrow night for a Thanksgiving supper! I am so excited/nervous because it's our first time hosting a holiday! That's a big deal! But we got everything in order and a time sheet for when to begin everything! We are going to rock! 
Worse Moment This Week: 
Just a lot of driving during odd times, which can be rough on Anniston! I hate getting her schedule so messed up, but it is kind of like we're on a mini vacation, so hopefully this weekend we can get back on schedule!  
Baby Buys: 
We did it! We went out into the Black Friday chaos today and bought the baby furniture! I am so so excited for it, but man was it a pain to get.  I am not very fond of the Babies R' Us in Sioux Falls, especially after today. But in the end, it all worked out and I can't wait to begin decorating! I am thinking about doing a fox theme. And no....not because of that song either! 
Looking Forward To:  
All the Holiday Fun! This time of year always goes WAY too fast for me! But all around us there is excitement happening in our family! Nick's sister, Jennifer is due very soon with her little boy(12/23), and Nick's dad is coming for a few weeks to stay with us(12/25) and my sister's baby shower is coming up (1/4)!!! I cannot wait! So much to plan, buy and prepare! But I love it!  
Bring it on December. Bring it on.

This is me at 18 Weeks with Anniston Jean

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

16 Weeks

How Far Along:
16 Weeks Along (10/15/2013)
Loving any Italian foods lately, but that's a very typically craving for me - pregnant or not. 
How Am I Feeling:
Much better! I feel like myself again and as bad as it sounds, I forget I am pregnant at times! But that is a good sign to me, considering how terrible I felt before! 
This is much better too! See I just forgot how rough the 1st trimester is and how lovely the 2nd trimester is! I did get used to going to bed early, so I am still crawling into bed much earlier than I used to! It's awesome! 
Miss Anything: 
Fitting into my regular clothes! I am at that awkward stage still so I am not quite in maternity clothes, but not wearing my regular clothes comfortably yet. But I am definitely ready for the maternity clothes again! I just remember how much I loved my gap leggings and comfortable waisted jeans! 
 Not yet! There's been a few times this week, where I thought I might have felt something, so I think it is going to happen soon!!
Most Exciting Moment This Week:
On Friday, we had our 16 week check up too! It's crazy to think we are there already! Unfortunately Dr. Taylor was out, so we had a very short appointment with another Dr. It was a very brief appointment, but she listened to the heartbeat and it was at 155 bpm.
Worse Moment This Week: 
At the appointment Anniston got very sick. I mean sick in throwing up on her jacket, in her hair, etc. I've never seen Anniston throw up anything other than breast milk. So we were a little scared! The doctor said just to take her down to Peds and have her checked out. Luckily, I had an extra set of clothes so we got her changed, got packed up and heading downstairs. Unfortunately, she threw up again. And again. Needless to say, she left the doctor's office in Daddy's coat and doctor note saying she has a stomach virus and there was really nothing we could do except wait it out. So that is what we will do. It's a conference week, so I am at school Tuesday night and Thursday night. So hopefully staying home with Daddy and snuggling up with good books will make her feel much better! 
Shows I am Watching: 
Scandal - it's getting so Scandalous! Seriously, did that really happen to Mellie? And how on Earth is Olivia's mother still alive?! Really?!
Revenge - this show might be getting a little too twisted for me! It's hard to keep up, but I am just waiting for this finale.
Nashville - it's good music, it's juicy and I don't like Rayna with the new country all!
Looking Forward To:  
Thanksgiving Break and Conferences being done! We are hosting Thanksgiving this year for Nick's family! I am anxious to see how it all turns out! Don't worry, I am pinning everything to make sure it is a success!

Getting ready to leave the hospital in Daddy's coat.