Thursday, October 31, 2013

Anniston is 16 Months!

You are 16 Months Old Today!
While Anniston was 15 Months She: 

Was little Red Riding Hood for Halloween. 

Learned to really rock on Elijah the Elephant!

Is a pro at going up and down the stairs.

Started climbing. On Everything. "Up, Up!" she always says! 

She picked her own pumpkin at the pumpkin patch and painted it herself! It was messy, but so much fun!

Started sleeping with a blanket in her bed that she curls up with. 

Sits on my lap every morning while I put on make-up. She gets blush on herself frequently.

Wears 12 months clothes and size 3 shoes. 

Started facing forward in her Big Girl Car Seat! She loves it and always yells, "Hi Mommy!"

She braved the cold and went to her first UofM/Huskers Football game. 

She is obsessed with her books now and takes out multiple a day for us to read. 

Her favorite book is "Monkeys Jumping on the Bed!"

Saturday, October 19, 2013

12 Weeks

How Far Along:
12 Weeks Along (10/18/2013)
No cravings, just hungry every hour on the hour! And if I eat too much I feel nauseous and if I eat too little I feel nauseous. Working on finding that perfect balance! 
How Am I Feeling:
Unfortunately, my mornings have been pretty rough. I'm hoping that this is coming to an end soon though! I am also still so exhausted. I don't remember being this tired with Annie. So it's either a boy or I just tired from Anniston and then keeping up with a growing baby . It's a lot of work!
Boy or Girl:
I am thinking a boy right now. Just feeling much more queasy and sleepy this pregnancy! But it also could just be a completely different pregnancy! So who knows right now...I don't even think the baby really has a sex yet!? I need to read up and refresh my mind when that happens!
Still going to bed pretty early every night. I am a little restless and my strange dreams are starting up again. I remember having strange dreams with Anniston's pregnancy, but this time they are already bizarre! But I guess that's completely normal?! Right moms?!
Miss Anything: 
Feeling like myself again. I just forgot how strange you feel the first trimester of pregnancy! Queasy, chubby, exhausted, pale, frizzy hair....I remember it getting much better last time! So I am hoping the same happens with this pregnancy!
Nothing yet! 
Most Exciting Moment This Week: 
We had our 12 week appointment. I always get so nervous for that appointment. As strange as it sounds, I knew everything was fine because I was feeling so nauseous! But Dr. Taylor reassured me saying I was growing good and my symptoms were normal. The baby's heartbeat was at 153 bpm too! It never gets old hearing that though!
Nickolas's 28th birthday is also this week and we are seeing a lot of family next weekend for the UofM/Husker Game.  
Looking Forward To:  
Entering the 2nd trimester and starting to look officially pregnant vs. is she eating too many cookies!