Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Anniston is Three

You are 3 Years Old Today!
While Anniston was 35 Months She: 

Watched Uncle Tyler and Auntie Paige get married! She got to wear a fancy dress that mommy designed for her. 

Spent her last days at Carol's house. We will miss her so much! We wish her a happy retirement.

Learned to ride a tricycle!

Loves learning with her hands - shaving cream, rice bin, water table, etc.  

Went to the MN zoo two times this month and loved playing in the fountains. Her favorite animal was the monkeys! 

Spends many days at the park and going on bike rides or walks on the trails. 

Monday, June 8, 2015

Amelia is 14 Months

You are 14 Months Old Today!
While Amelia was 13 Months She: 

Watched Uncle Tyler and Auntie Paige get married.

Spent her last days at Carol's house. We will miss her so much! We wish her a happy retirement.

Started walking at the end of the month! 

Stays occupied for long periods of time by playing with playdoh, the water table and in her rice bin!

Went to the MN zoo two times this month and loved playing in the fountains. 

Giggles at  anything that play music or make noise!

Loves "talking" to herself in the mirror and thinks that she is hilarious.  

She loves bath time and sticking her tongue under the water. 

Waves "ello" to everyone and everything.

Claps when she is proud of herself or excited. 

Amelia is 13 Months

You are 13 Months Old Today!
While Amelia was 12 Months She: 

 Could stand up alone and pull herself up on things. 

Babbled all the time! She says Mama, "Onnie", Daddy and "ello"

She is a food fanatic! Typically there is more food on her, than in her, but she loves trying new things!

Loved  feeling different objects in her hands - sand, rice, fabrics. 

Got 1 new teeth this month for a total of 11! 

Had her first ever birthday party with Uncle Tyler and had cake for the first time! She ate more of the cupcake than the actual cake. 

Got into everything and loves pulling things out. And then putting them back. And then taking them out again...

Saturday, May 9, 2015

Amelia is One. Tyler is Done. Oh the Places They'll Go!

May was a busy month. And with family living all over, we knew that it would be hard to celebrate all the big events without things getting too hectic! So, naturally we celebrated Uncle Tyler's SDSU college graduation AND Amelia's first birthday all at once. I know what you are thinking.
A college grad party and a one year old birthday party.
Isn't that a paradox of some form? I'd like to think of it as genius actually. 

Take a peek...
Amelia is One and Uncle Tyler is Done!

Thursday, April 16, 2015

52:50 Spring has Sprung

I Want to Remember 
Spring has Sprung

I want to remember that spring has sprung. Watching you play in the grass for the first time was adorable. At first you just stood there and cried - picking up your foot one at a time. But now, you put your face in the grass and just giggle. We love sitting in the sunshine and watching you take in the world for the first time. 

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

52:49 My Baby You'll Be

I Want to Remember
My Baby You'll Be

I want to remember my baby you'll be. Meaning this, no matter how quickly time is passing. No matter how hectic this time may seem. No matter how messy you are making things. No matter how many times I pick up the tupperware, just to have you take it out again. No matter how many times you will wake me in the middle of the night.  
You will always be my baby. 
Time is passing so quickly. So quickly that my heart aches. As I write this Anniston is running around, talking insanely well, giving you directions and being so....independent. I vividly remember when she was at this age. Getting into everything and making messes and I thought that was busy. I thought that was hectic. This life is busy. And some days its too busy. But it's beautiful. Wildly beautiful. 
And as long as I am living, my babies you'll be. 

Sunday, April 5, 2015

52:47 Your First Easter

I Want to Remember
Your First Easter 
I want to remember your first Easter. You continue to melt our hearts more and more every day. We went to church in your beautiful Easter dresses, we had a delicious lunch, we opened Easter baskets filled with goodies for you to grab and then we went on an Easter Egg Hunt at Great Grandpa's house! You loved squeezing the eggs to see if they would pop open. You were happy with just two eggs, one for each hand, and you were adamant about not letting them go!