Monday, June 30, 2014

Anniston is 2 Today!!

You are Years Old Today!

My baby girl is two years old today. That's hard to type, let alone comprehend. And I guess she really isn't a baby anymore. Part of me loves that and part of me is really sad. For now, we are enjoying two. It's sweet, sassy, dramatic, and yet, she just happens to be the most caring girl I've ever met. She sings in the sweetest voices, gives the best hugs, shows empathy toward anyone when they look sad, loves listening to stories and telling her own "once upon a time" stories and never falls asleep without good night songs and nuzzling our shoulder. We love you to the moon and back Anniston Jean. You'll always be my baby girl. 

Singing Anniston Happy Birthday! 

A Look at the Past Year
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Thursday, June 26, 2014

52:6 Your First Smiles

I Want to Remember 

Seeing Your First Smiles
There is nothing like seeing your little one smile for the first time. Really smile. You woke up in the morning and started stretching out on your changing pad. And then you smiled. But this time you really smiled. And you’ve been doing it more and more ever since. You like when we get close to your face and talk to you or sing you songs. You have such a sweet smile and you even coo along with it most times. I can’t wait to see that gummy smile fill up with little teeth, soft giggles and sweet words.

Nothing to Smile About
Amelia got her 6 week shots this week and they were nothing to smile about. My doctor told me that I didn’t give consent to Amelia’s shots at the hospital, so she didn’t receive any of her shots. This was very frustrating, since I would’ve MUCH rather her gotten her shots at the hospital where she is so unaware of what is going on! Therefore, poor little girl had to get 4 shots at her appointment. I hate shots. I’ve always hated shots. But I detest them much more when I know that they are being given to my children. She squawked for about 7 minutes before finally breathing. The whole thing was miserable and I know that in the long run, shots will pay off, but in the moment. They are really sucky.

On a better note, Miss Amelia is doing very well! 

6 Week Check-Up
Height: 22.25 inches (68%)
Weight: 11 lbs 3 oz (78%)
Head Circumference: 15.3 inches (75%)

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I blogged about Anniston's 1st Smiles this week too! 

Sunday, June 15, 2014

52:5 Your First Family Reunion

I Want to Remember 
Your First Family Reunion
We love family get togethers. When our families get together we are loud, busy, crazy and it's never calm. And when we have family that lives all over the place, it makes them that much sweeter, yet chaotic, to see everyone. This year we went to Paullina, Iowa to celebrate your Great Grandpa and Grandma Rehder's 60th Wedding Anniversary! A lot of us got one giant cabin at a campground and stayed in that for the weekend! Unfortunately, we had a lot of rain and windy weather, but regardless, I think all the kiddos kept you alert for the majority of the vacation! You got lots of snuggles, cuddles and kisses this weekend! Here are a few pictures from the Rehder Family Reunion! 
It was also Father's Day on Sunday! Your Daddy is a Daddy to 2 sweet girls this year! He loves his girls to the moon and back!

Swimming at the Lake on Friday! It was our only sunny day! So we were outside a lot! 
Anniston & Quincy! This was adorable! I can still hear them giggling! 

Rainy Day Play in the Cabin!
Walking the Campground with Daddy, Quincy & Maxwell 

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Sunday, June 8, 2014