Saturday, July 26, 2014

52:10 Matching Babies

I want to Remember
Matching Babies
I want to remember dressing you up together. There is something nostalgic about putting you in the same clothes that your big sister wore just a short time prior. As a little girl I remember dressing up with Auntie Angela in our matching Easter dresses and hats and proudly parading around because I looked like my big sister. I hope that you enjoy matching with your big sister as much as I do. I might enjoy it a bit too much! Anniston always giggles and comments when you're in the same clothes. When she saw you wearing your lil sis shirt she said "Mom Melia has ABCs and I have ABCs." She's so smart and it's scary how much she is taking in already! 
As for now, I will enjoy these simple little things. Because I know you won't be crazy about the idea of matching forever. But for now, it's absolutely adorable. And deep down, I think you both love it as much as I do! 
Living Life with Two Babes
Well...yes. Life is busy. It is beautiful, and tiresome and blessed. But also just busy. I am fortunate that my babies sleep when it's time to sleep at night. But during the day, it really is nonstop movement, energy and activities. 
I look back now, and I remember watching other people stroll around with their double strollers at the malls or parks and thought how overwhelming that seems. Well, now I am THAT mom. I am constantly trying to go to toddler activities during the day - park, library, pools, play dates, story time, gymnastics, etc. - to keep Anniston entertained. Yet at the same time I am always watching the clock to make sure that we don't cross over into Amelia's feeding time, Anniston's nap time, or lunch breaks. And also making sure the car is equipped with all the necessities - diapers, extra outfits, strollers, ergos carriers, my purse and snacks.  Seriously, mom's deserve A LOT of credit! We are constantly planning, organizing and on the go. Since when was I old enough to care for two babies!? Since when did I know how to take care of two babies at the same time? 
But...We are surviving. Thankfully. We are busy. But we are surviving. 

Sunday, July 20, 2014

52:9 Amelia's Baptism

I Want to Remember 
Your Baptism 
You were baptized this weekend. It was a beautiful day and you were such an angel the entire weekend. We had a lot of family come up to show how much they love you. We felt so blessed because Father Tim was able to baptize you and he married your daddy and I almost 4 years ago today. I feel so comforted knowing that you are not only being loved by our hands, but by the hands of your loving family and God. 
God is Good. All the Time. 
All the Time. God is Good. 

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Saturday, July 19, 2014

Anniston's Birthday Party!

Oh TWO-dles!

Seriously, I had way too much fun getting ready for this party! I didn't do nearly as much decorating as I did for Anniston's 1st birthday, but it was still so adorable! Can I please just plan parties the rest of my life?!

We knew the weather was going to be hot, so we just set up a few water activites and let the kiddos slide and play all day! I even created a HUGE water blob that you see all over pinterest nowadays. I added red dye, so the water was pink, canisters of glitter, foam letters and balls and we filled it up with water for 27 minutes. And started leaking. So we covered it up with duct tape. And then it started leaking from the other side. So we covered it again. All in all...we used an entire roll of duct tape, just to watch that poor blob slowly deflate. Epic Pinterest Fail.

But we still had the slip in slide, the water sprinkler ball and the kiddo pool and 2 trampolines!! So the kiddos were all exhausted by the end of the day and our bellies were full from the taco in a bag bar! Here's a few pictures...who am I are A LOT of pictures from the Minnie Mouse Oh-2-dles party!!

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

52:8 Two Months Old

I Want to Remember

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We had lots of fun video posts of Anniston that week!

Friday, July 4, 2014

52:7 Your First Fourth of July

I Want to Remember  
Your First 4th of July

I want to remember your first 4th of July. The 4th of July just happens to be one of my favorite holidays - beautiful weather, parades, road races, festive attire and fabulous fireworks. Your daddy even proposed to me with fireworks knowing I loved them so much! This week was extra special because your big sister turned 2! So we got to see a lot of friends and family and so many people met you for the first time at our many get togethers. You were such a great baby - so observant and calm. You spent a lot of this week outside and you loved it! You always smile when the breeze hits you, yet scowl at me when the bright sun hits your eyes. But as long as the sun is keeping you warm, you seem as cool as a cucumber. Love you little firecracker!

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