Monday, April 23, 2012

30 Weeks

How Far Along: 30 Weeks (4/23/12)
Sleep: Okay for the most part! Me and my snoodle and fan. We are quite the combo. Poor Nickolas doesn't get much cuddling time anymore!
Best Moment this Week: Maternity Pictures and going Home! OMG, what a great time we had on Saturday! My mother was able to take my maternity pictures, which I never thought I'd say in a million years! But I did them at Shannon Dyce Photography and she works for them now. They did such an amazing job and I cannot WAIT to see them. Check out the sneak peak below, it is the only one I have seen so far too! Afterwards I had ladies night! We ordered in food, snuggled with Greyson, played with Andi, and had some girl talk!
Complaint of the Week: So about those childbirth preparation classes...anyone that really knows me knows I have this SMALL phobia. I have had it like...forever. I have never "liked" the idea of a baby coming out. I know. No one does. But I tend to think I worry about it a little more than most people. I always thought that by the time I had a child they could teleport it out of me, laser it out of me, or I could just throw it up. Anything would be better than the alternative. Right? Well for our classes I knew the dreaded "video" was going to appear and I was told it wasn't until session four. So my plan was just to "skip out" on that night. I figured I would be better off not seeing and just letting it happen. Well those sneaky people must have known my plan and they threw in the video and before I knew what was happening it was happening. So needless to say I am fully traumatized and I have decided that Baby R will be staying in me until they figure this teleport business out.
Movement: All the time and it isn't just quick kicks anymore. We are seeing the slow movements and bulges out now. Crazy!
Food Cravings: I REALLY love ice cream lately, but I don't necessarily think I am craving anything yet.
Symptoms: Heartburn is back on full force and tender ribs all the time! Oh yeah, and today (which is a very hot day) I noticed my ankles are swelling. So not attractive! I hope this isn't permanent for the next 10 weeks. If it is, well then brink on the cankles!
Belly Button: still flat as a pancake, not sure if it will ever "pop" out
Looking Forward To: Doing absolutely NOTHING this weekend. That sounds perfectly delightful doesn't it?!

Monday, April 9, 2012

28 Weeks - 7 Months!

How Far Along: 28 Weeks (4/9/2012)
Sleep: The last few nights I haven't had my snoodle and I have felt that pain! I guess I rely heavily on that C-shaped pillow of softness!
Best Moment of this Week: Seeing all our family! We drove all over the midwest to see our family and it was amazing! We started on Thursday night by heading north to see the Meyers and Scott and Grace for dinner at the Pizza Ranch. Then Friday morning we headed south and went to Spencer, IA to see Valerie's parents (Jim and Harriet Johansen), we also saw Valerie's headstone in Sutherland, IA. Then we headed to Paulina, IA to see Rick's parents (Wes and Mavis Rehder). After that we headed to Carroll, IA to stay with Auntie Rachel and Stephanie for the weekend. Scott and Gracie headed down to spend the weekend there! Then on Easter Sunday we headed over to Lennox to see my mother's side of the family. Needless to say there was a lot of belly rubs, food, driving, and excitement. I am sure I will be taking naps all week to recover! 
Symptoms: Sore ribs and tight back. But it is all part of the daily occurrences! I am feeling good, just always feeling like a chiropractor would be handy!
Movement: More and more every day!
Belly Button: Not sure what to call it right now!
About Baby R: The baby's eyes are partially open now and it can blink!
Looking Forward to: We take our first Newborn Preparation class on Monday night! We signed up for a few of the classes at the hospital. I think Nick is most excited for the breastfeeding class! :) What a trooper!
About the Pictures: My sister Angela rules! When I asked her paint a bunny or an egg on my belly she didn't even hesitate or question it. She just grabbed some paint, brushes and went to work! It was amazing! And the pictures rule! It was definitely one of my favorite moments of being pregnant!

Valerie's headstone in Sutherland, IA. I Love You to the Moon and Back!

Stopping on one of the MANY winding roads through Iowa. They made a sign for me! How kind! 
Easter Day Celebration!

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

27 Weeks - Third Trimester

How Far Along: 27 Weeks (4/2/2012) Rolling into the Third Trimester and we can't express how giddy and excited we are getting for Baby R's arrival!
Maternity Clothes: Gap Maternity Rules. Enough said.
Sleep: Well, the books/websites don't lie. Restless leg syndrome has set it. There are nights I just have to stand and shake my legs, stretch my legs and of course complain to Nick. Then they begin to feel better for a short while.
Best Moment this Week: SPRING BREAK! Oh my goodness, I need to rave for a moment. My mother came Sunday- Thursday and we were machines! We painted the nursery (oh so bright and fun). So now our WHOLE place is finally painted! Don't worry, I'll post up some before/after pics soon! My dad also came up for the day to help us pick up all our furniture! So yes, he hauled his truck and a trailed through Minneapolis traffic! But the furniture is beautiful! And I have my parents to thank for that! Uncle Darren is also phenomenal and bought us an amazing crib to match! We couldn't feel more blessed and I am certain Baby R will definitely appreciate the perfect set!
Symptoms: Heartburn still remains. Tums, Milk and Zantac are helping though! I am also getting pain in my lower ribs frequently. I have found that if I take deep breaths and sit up really straight it quickly goes away! So nothing major to complain about!
Movement: Oh yes! We just lay on the couch and watch Baby R move now. Nothing makes me smile more!
Belly Button: Flat as a Pancake!
About Baby R: It is practicing inhaling and exhaling with its rapidly developing lungs. Baby's also showing brain activity! And it's brain will keep on getting more complex. Bring on the Baby Einstein  music melodies!
Looking Forward To: Easter Weekend! We are going down to Sutherland to see Valerie's (Nick's mother) headstone that just got put in and visit her parents. Then we are off to Auntie Rachel's house for a few days. Lastly we will head to Lennox to see my side of the family. Lots of traveling, but totally worth it! Oh yes, and since lent will be over I finally get to veg out on nothing but Reese's Eggs, Oreos, Pepsi (only one!) and all other chocolate goodies! Oh my will baby be moving that day!