Friday, November 30, 2012

52:21 Your First Christmas Tree

I Want to Remember
Your First Christmas Tree

I want to remember your first Christmas Tree. We had such a wonderful weekend as a family! We went to Sibley Park to see 1 million lights, live reindeer, have hot chocolate, see Santa, and listen to Christmas music. You loved looking up at all the colorful lights from the stroller and hearing all the commotion.
The next morning we went and cut down our own xmas tree. You were so giggling on this day. I am pretty sure you were more excited than I was! We spent the entire day decking out for the Holidays. Me and you worked inside the house putting up all the decorations and Papa was outside all day decorating the whole house with lights!

That night we made a great dinner - you eating some more avocados (I think these are your favorites so far), and then we all decorated the xmas tree! The last step was you putting on your first ornament.

We got you an adorable little shoe with your name on it. You loved grabbing it and throwing it into your mouth! I think you like the coolness of it. It was so fun to watch and you get as excited for the Holidays as much as we do! 

Here is to many more years of holiday traditions and memories!

You are 5 Months Old!

Saturday, November 24, 2012

52:20 Your First Thanksgiving

I Want to Remember
Your First Thanksgiving
I want to remember your first Thanksgiving. We had so much to be thankful for this Thanksgiving. Just last Thanks giving I told our family members that you were in my in tummy and this Thanksgiving I gave you your first meal. It was so fitting for the holidays because I gave you sweet potatoes. You didn’t know what to think at first, but before long you were opening your mouth for more. I hope I can keep making you food, so you eat healthier than your mommy!

Making Baby Food
Whew…this is quite the chore! Just looking into what to feed baby first is quite the decision, and making the food from scratch is a whole other ball game! I have two books, few websites, and some friends that I looked into and everyone’s beliefs are so different about what is best, what should be first and how much, how often. So I am just doing what I think is best for Anniston and going with that.
So as of now I am still mainly going to be breastfeeding, but starting off, once a day, I will feed her food – during our breakfast. And so far I am making and freezing her food. So far I've made sweet potatoes, broccoli, carrots, rice cereal and quinoa.  I am completely going to wing this and see how it goes! Any advice? I’ll gladly take it! 

Saturday, November 10, 2012

52:19 Grabbing Your Toes

I Want to Remember
Grabbing Your Toes
I want to remember how much you giggled the first time you grabbed your toes. You were so proud of yourself and in aww of what was in your hands. You've tried so hard to put those little toes in your mouth, but you aren't quite there yet. Thanks for being mommy's little helper while changing you this week by holding up those strong legs of yours. I guess it's time to start singing a new nursery rhyme!

To Swaddle or Not to Swaddle
 I am currently struggling with this whole swaddle situation! I am in LOVE with our Halo Sleep Sacks - I tell everyone and anyone that it is THE key to getting your baby to sleep through the night! And so far, it's now worked for 4 of my good friends and their little newbies! BUT, according to some books and some sites I am supposed to stop swaddling Anniston at 4 months. Some reasons being potential to start rolling over, for additional movement when she sleeps, because she has been out of the womb long enough that she no longer needs that comfort, and because my mother calls it the straight jacket!
Well, unfortunately for me, Annie does NOT sleep at all through the night when she isn't swaddled! She literally wakes up about every two hours! And not just stirs. I am talking eyes open, arms flailing, legs kicking and ready to move. But with it, she sleeps 10+ hours! Our doctor said we will know when shes ready to stop being swaddled, because she will start fighting it when we put her in it. Well, she doesn't at all. It is quite the opposite! But regardless, I know the dreaded day/week/month of transitioning needs to come soon. So I just need advice in the transition part of stopping the sweet swaddling and moving her into freedom.
My baby girl all swaddled up with her papa for the night!


Saturday, November 3, 2012

52:18 Your First Halloween

I Want to Remember
Your First Halloween
I want to remember dressing you up for your first Halloween. I debated for a long time about what to dress you as for Halloween. Your daddy and I LOVE Halloween,  so I knew we needed something unique and special!  I bought you material for a turtle costume (that fell through), a peacock costume (I thought you'd be uncomfortable), so THE day of Halloween, I pulled together these materials and made you an octopus costume! I.LOVED.IT! We took you trick-or-treating at a friends house, then we took you to the mall to show you off. You were so smiley this night and everyone just loved looking at you and all your legs! 
I also want to remember this day because last year on Halloween I told your Papa that you were in my tummy! Remember that story?! He was so surprised that he thought I was "tricking" him for Halloween - but you ended up being the best "treat" we could have ever asked for.
Fun in the Fall!
I seriously love fall! There are always so many fun things to do - pumpkin patch, scarecrow festival, drinking apple cider, carving pumpkins, and raking the leaves! But having a kid to do these things with makes it all SO much better! Unfortunately, along with the changing of the season, comes a lot of stuffy noses, congestion, and coughs! Half my students were sick this week and even our daycare was even closed half of the week because her kiddos got sick! Boo, to sickness, but snaps to having fun in the fall! 
Annie visiting me on Halloween day! Grandma was babysitting so she snuck her in! Lucky momma!
Trick or Treat, Painted Feet!
 Footprint candy corn project that Anniston created at daycare! First craft project is in the books!