Monday, March 19, 2012

25 Weeks

How Far Along: 25 Weeks (3/19/12)
Maternity Clothes: Due to the INSANELY gorgeous weather lately, I have been living in dresses. I have a few maternity dresses, but I am also wearing my old dresses and just no longer tying them at my waist! I love versatile clothes!
Sleep: I got a Snoodle!! For those of you that don't know what this is, it is my latest cuddle buddy. I literally spoon this thing all night. It supports my back, my hips, my big rules and it makes me sleep much sounder!
Best Moment This Week: Well while most were out drinking green beer and sporting green gear this weekend. We were painting our living room green! And yes, that was my BEST moment this week. Not only that, but we finished painting the kitchen, living room and hallway!! I cannot tell you what a relief this is. All that is left is our nursery and that is on the To-Do for the last week in March! Nickolas gets HUGE props for staying in this weekend and helping out as I don't think that is what he envisioned for his St. Patty's Day Festivities!
Missing: Chocolate. I gave it up for lent and I am having some serious withdraws and cravings! Easter can't come soon enough!
Feeling Queasy or Sick: Still a little heartburn. My friend Caitlin (who just had the cutest little boy named Greyson!!) gave me some of her prescription medicine for heartburn, so that has helped! But if the old wives tale is true, this baby is going to have as much hair as I have now!
Movement:  Oh yes. Anything fruity makes this baby squirm quite a bit and every night it doesn't want to go to bed until 30 minutes after I do...I hope that isn't a sign for future bedtime plans!
Pains: My lower back has been awful lately. I ice it, heat it, rub it. Nothing really seems to help except laying on my back with my feet up. This is my usual nightly position while Nick and I watch TV.  Completely normal....right?!
Belly Button: Almost fully out now! So bizarre looking!
About Baby R: It's beginning to exchange it's long, lean look for some baby fat and it's starting to look more and more like a newborn. Baby R is also growing more hair — and if you could see it, you'd now be able to discern its color and texture. Lastly, it's hands are now fully developed and brain and nerve endings are developed enough now so that baby can feel the sensation of touch!
Looking Forward To: Conferences being done and spring break beginning!!! Appointment on Monday!

Thursday, March 8, 2012

23 Weeks!

How Far Along: 23 Weeks (3/5/2012). I am a little behind!
Maternity Clothes: LOVING Gap Maternity Yoga Pants. Tracee Ronke, if you are out there, I bow to you for the recommendation! These things are a must for any prego lady. And yes, I will sport them even after Baby R.
Sleep: Well I am sleeping much better than before. I finally found my comfort. It is surround and intertwined in 8 different pillows! Why didn't I think of that earlier?! But I have woken up with these awful leg cramps a few times. A co-worker told me to pop in some calcium pills so we'll see if that helps!
Best Moment This Week: Seeing Grace and Scott in Milwaukee for Scott's leap year birthday. Yup, my father-in-law is only 11 years old! Grace and I even got some much needed quality girl time! We also got news that my pregnant sister-in-law Rachel can be off of bed rest! Keep her in your prayers for a healthy remainder of her pregnancy!
Missing: Laying on my tummy and being able to do a sit up (or any abs for that matter)
Cravings: Fried Rice and Goldfish. But not together...that would be weird.
Feeling queasy or sick: Ugh...I guess I have this thing people call heartburn. It is awful and my sympathy to those who get it all the time. I now carry Tums Ultra Strength with me everywhere.
Movement: Oh yes! This baby is a mover! I lay in bed for 30 minutes every night just feeling my tummy. It is amazing and Nick is so happy he can finally feel Baby R too!
Symptoms: This week I have been experiencing a lot of pressure. I always have to go to the bathroom. It is seriously  outrageous! If you are curious I could tell you about all the different rest stops/gas stations from Mankato to Milwaukee if you're interested!
Gender Prediction: I still think girl. Nick still thinks boy. I will be doing all the old wives tales soon though! Those will tell us for sure!
Belly Button: inish...definitely on its way out!
About Baby R: Baby is 11 inches long and right over a pound! Fun Fact: Baby R is actually transparent right now! You can see it's organs and bones through it's skin! But once those fat deposits settle in, it'll become less transparent! Blood vessels in Baby's lungs are also developing to prepare for breathing the it's ears are already picking up on sounds!
Looking Forward To: My friend Ashley's birthday party and seeing my family this weekend! We are also painting so getting the living room all painted so it is pretty for Baby R!