Thursday, June 28, 2012

39 Weeks!

How Far Along: 39 Weeks (6/25/2012)
Stretch Marks: Nope! I am very thankful for this!
Sleep: Pretty rough. My ribs are bruised and pretty tender so sleeping on my sides isn't very comfortable. Last night I headed down to the couch around 3am and slept upright for the remainder of the night. But definitely waking up every few hours for the bathroom, to readjust, to take a bath, to put lotion on, etc. Pretty ridiculous!
Best Moment This Week:  We are an auntie and uncle again! Quincy Ganna Mboob was born on June 21st and doing great! He is at home now with mom and family and couldn't be more adorable! I cannot wait to meet him and hear all about his progress over the next few weeks! My friend Meghan  also had her baby today, on her birthday!! She named him Brock Patrick Rozell and I just know our babies will be great friends! My teaching friend, Brittany had her little Conner last week and we were lucky enough to see him at the hospital and that just made us so excited and anxious to meet our little one!! And my high school friend Betsy had Tayden Elroy, a healthy little boy on Monday! So happy for all the new mommas! Cheers to happy and healthy babies all around!
Around the Home: We finished packing, the nursery, painting our exterior doors, and ALMOST done painting the garage. (Yes, Nick insisted on painting the garage. It guess it's a "guy thing" and I don't understand).
Hardest Moment of the Week: Well I had my doctor appointment this week and this was "supposed" to be the big week. I was certain that I would go in and he would send me to the hospital since I have been having contractions since Thursday. I think he was even thinking that would be the case. Unfortunately, after checking, there was no progress and he told me he would probably see me next week! Yup, back to the original due date. Looks like we might have a firecracker baby after all!
Miss Anything: Sleeping on my tummy and the idea of drinking a big margarita after these HOT days!
Movement: Big movements and like I said, I have been having irregular contractions since Thursday. Most are very mild, but I have had a few that make me take a few deep breaths.
Food Cravings: Fruit and brownies! Weird I know, but both taste so delicious!
Symptoms: Contractions, pressure and sore ribs!
Belly Button: Still slightly popped out!
Mood: Happy, excited, emotional (whew), and anxious!
Looking Forward To: Baby R's D-Day! Seriously cannot come soon enough! 

P.S. Stay Tuned for More House Updates and Nursery Updates!  

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Our Nursery!

Oh this nursery makes me so incredibly happy! We already painted and decorated our nursery in our rental, but I didn't have the energy to paint this time around, but we added lots of coordinating color, adorable animals, and amazing artwork to create a bright and happy nursery for Baby R! 
When I look at it, it is everything we ever imagined and more! Our inspiration from the start was a "You are my Sunshine" mosaic Nickolas made me a few years back. He has always called me sunshine and it is just a phrase that we've always used. And now, we will use it for our little sunshine! 
We also created a canvas with the "You are my Sunshine" words on it. Nick painted and I wrote and did the fabric flowers and sun. It is one of my favorite pieces in the room and I love that we were able to create it together! 
We added Valerie's prayer shawl over the rocker. It is so soft and I love the idea of having a little bit of her memory in the room. She also loves the phrase "you are my sunshine," so I think this makes her happy to be close to the baby every day. 
I also took on sewing again and created the baby bumper, diaper stacker and quilt for Baby R! It has been so fun to see all the pieces come together to create the nursery! I hope Baby R feels welcome and comforted by the color! I know I do!
I seriously just sit in there during the day, sit back in that chair and read baby books until I feel sleepy! It is the best stress reliever and feeling to know that in a matter of a few short days I will be holding our baby in that chair and reading him/her all those magical stories. It truly is quite a surreal and euphoric feeling. Here is a sneak peek at the completed nursery! 

Entrance into Baby R's Nursery. Curtains will go up this weekend as long as Baby doesn't come before then!

This is my bookshelf from my old room and it is filled with books from my students this year and friends and family! It has been so fun reading through all of them! Baby R has been read to quite a bit already! Above the bookshelf is the beautiful mosaic that Nickolas made me!

Here is the crib with the fun bumper and mobile! This is the fun canvas that we made to go along with the mosaic!

Other half of the room for the cute clothes, blankets and diaper changing area! This is also the fun diaper stacker that goes along with the bedding and bumper! Love it!

Monday, June 18, 2012

38 Weeks

On Friday night Angie and Jake came to stay with us and see the house! They brought us an amazing Bobo Hardy Hydrangea! Being a novice to plants I didn't know how cool this was. First off it is new and not being sold to the public until the fall (Angie knows way too many people) and secondly, it is going to be a beautiful plant! 
Now, we knew NOTHING about gardening before this weekend, but after talking with Angie and talking with some gardeners, we learned quite a bit! All part of being a homeowner I guess!  We found what we needed/wanted on Saturday and on Sunday we got to work early in the morning, and worked the whole day! And still no baby. I was certain it would induce labor...but no such luck! Overall, it was quite the learning experience but we can officially say we completed our first home project as a team! Now if we can keep it all alive...

How Far Along: 38 Weeks
Stretch Marks: None Yet!
Sleep: Still pretty good! Thankful that it is summer so I can squeeze naps in on most days!
Best Moment This Week: Seeing Angie and Jake and getting all our bags packed organized and ready to go for D-Day!
Miss Anything: Cuddling with Nick and laying on my tummy. I spend my nights spooning my snoodle pillow and if I don't have it, I am quite squirmy! But I won't complain because I know I will miss my belly more than anything when all is said and done!
Movement: Large body movements. It is fun to guess which part of the body with are feeling or seeing!
Food Cravings: Fries! Turns out Arbys has the best fries...EVER! Healthy, I know
Labor Signs: I have had quite a few Braxton Hicks lately, but they are very irregular. I think baby wants to stay in me a little longer than I would like. But we are still hopeful for sometime next week!
Symptoms: Quite a bit of pressure but baby did drop so my ribs are feeling much better. I just can't sit for a long period of times.
Belly Button: Just a little outie!
Mood: Happy, excited, over-whelmed and anxious!
Looking Forward To: D-Day! I cannot wait to meet our little sparkler!

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

37 Weeks - Finally Full Term

How Far Along? Full Term Baby! 37 Weeks (6/11/2012)
Maternity Clothes: Maternity Leggings and Dresses from here on out folks!
Stretch Marks: None Yet!
Sleep: Shockingly home = sweet dreams for this chica! I am also having a whole new surge of energy lately! I think I just have adrenaline from all the excitement in our lives lately and I am definitely in that nesting mode!
Best Moment This Week: Can I have Lots? Summer started for me on Friday. We watched my friend Vanessa get married on Saturday. We MOVED into our new home on Monday and Tuesday (with the help of my AMAZING family and KIND friends! And today my fellow teacher friends threw me a baby shower! Yeah….feeling pretty dang lucky right about now!
Miss Anything: Wearing Shoes. Yeah….my feet have taken on a whole new life. It isn’t pretty and it isn’t comfortable!
Movement: Lots of major movements and rearranging. I am pretty sure it is feeling quite cramped lately.
Labor Signs: Nothing Yet, but I am hoping Baby R does to decide to join us sometime soon. I am ready and I think it is too!
Symptoms: I am starting to feel pretty uncomfortable lately – it just feels like I can never find the correct position! But poor baby doesn’t have much room in my short belly, so I guess I can’t complain that it is kicking my ribs constantly! It has been in a curled up ball for over 9 months now. That’s rough! I also discovered another new fun symptom of pregnancy that I was never warned about! Carpal Tunnel….no, I have not been sitting at a desk typing like crazy! But I woke up on Thursday morning and my hands and arms were tingling and numb. And unfortunately they have been ever since. Sometimes it is really light, but other times I can’t even squeeze my hands enough to open the fridge! Another joy of fluid retention!
Belly Button: Flat as a pancake still!
Wedding Rings: Off!! On those day that my hands would swell, I paniced that they would never go back to normal. So now, it is off until Baby R comes. Then I’ll be married again!
Looking forward to: Baby R’s arrival of course! But first I would like to finish unpacking and decorating the house. Dr. Taylor said I probably didn’t need to take the nesting term to this extreme! But little does he know, Nick and I don’t do much the easy way, so this is completely how we roll!

Here is a pic of our new home! I'll try to post some more of the interior next week!