Saturday, September 29, 2012

52:13 Discovering Your Hands

I Want to Remember
You Discovering Your Hands
Oh my goodness, you have discovered your hands and it is the sweetest thing I have ever seen. There are times were you will just sit on our lap and fiddle with your hands or chew on your hands for ten minutes at a time. There are times where I am pretty sure you are praying. And I say a little prayer too, because I feel so grateful for having you in my life. 
Drooling, Chewing, and Playing, Oh My!
Okay, so I didn't realize that babies started drooling this soon. So for about two weeks I seriously thought Anniston was teething!! I know, I was naive. But out of nowhere she was sticking everything that she could get her hands on in her mouth - blankets, hands, rattles, even my hair! Oh yes, she discovered I have hair and that she really likes to pull on it. Well, needless to say, I learned that this stage is completely normal and she still has quite a ways to go before teething. Thank goodness, because she is growing up way too fast already!

Saturday, September 22, 2012

52: 12 Your First Flight

I Want to Remember
Your First Flight
You did so well on your flights to and from Colorado. On the way home our flight was delayed, but yet they put us on the plane anyway. And we waited...and waited...and waited. Although you looked pretty upset in this picture, you couldn't have been more sweet cooing and ahhing on the plane. Thank you for being you.

Up, Up, and Away!
Everyone knows that flying with a baby can be stressful. So I was very hesitant about these flights. I read up on what to do, helpful tips, and what to do if things go crazy! Well the most common thing I saw again and again was to make sure they were sucking while the plane was ascending and descending.  So of course I went into panic when Anniston wouldn't suck on anything while we went up! But she didn't seem bothered by the plane at all. The only time she was bothered was on our way home. We were delayed, next to a drunk man that almost made us de-plane (true story), and we still had a three hour drive after we landed. Luckily for this momma, both dad and baby slept the whole car ride home. Cheers to flexible babies and new adventures! 

Schedule. What Schedule?
 So BEFORE we went to Colorado. We had a schedule. A concrete, I know when Annie will sleep, eat, cry, poop, and spit up kind of schedule. Now that we are home, I cannot seem to get her back on her seamless schedule again. She is going to bed later, waking up earlier. Sleeping shorter periods and eating faster. All in all I think my baby girl is growing and this momma needs to keep up! Hopefully we can get back on track...before I go back to work! Eeek!
Right before getting on her first plane ride to Colorado! 


Saturday, September 15, 2012

52:11 Being Naked is Fun

I Want to Remember
Being Naked is Fun

I want to remember how big you smile whenever I let you be free for awhile. I love holding you and nuzzling your soft skin or making you lock out your little legs and watching you squeeze your bottom or just watching you and your kicky legs go crazy. Being naked it fun, freeing, and pretty dang fabulous.

Being Naked is oh so Nice 
I am fairly certain that Anniston is happiest completely in the buff. I can't blame her though. Being strained to an uncomfortable diaper cannot be very soothing. She has been known to give some of her biggest smiles and sweetest coos when she is naked. There are days where I change her diaper and we just hang out on some soft blankets and have story time, tummy time or just sing some songs with no worries at all - until she pees all over the soft blankets that is! Let's face it, life is better in the buff.

Saturday, September 8, 2012

52:10 How Comfortable You are Against Me

 I Want to Remember
How Comfortable You are Against Me

I want to remember the first time daddy helped me put you into one of these. I needed to get things done around the house and the thought of putting you down was not pleasant. So I threw on the K'Tan and lifted you up and daddy wrapped you tight up against me. I spent the next hour just doing things here and there, completely at bliss because there you were, nuzzled in, right up against me. Right where you belong. 
 Baby K'Tans and Baby Bjorns are Fabulous.
Oh my, these things are life savers. How did they ever accomplish anything without these handy things! I wear my Baby K’Tan just around the house when I am trying to clean, eat, well really do anything with my hands! She loves it and all the different positions you can do with it! The Baby Bjorn is perfect for walks and grocery shopping! I don’t always feel like lugging out the stroller for walks or carrying in the car seat when I need to make a quick trip into Target. Yup, this thing rules for those situations and Annie loves being all snuggled into it. And I can’t complain about grocery shopping when I look down and she’s all nuzzled up against me.

Saturday, September 1, 2012

52:9 Our Nightly Walks

I want to Remember
Our Nightly Walks
I want to remember the way that look up at me during our daily walks. Sometimes I just talk to you about what I am feeling, questions I have, songs that are in my head. And you just listen and look. And there are times when I feel like you completely understand what I am saying. Thank you for being such a great listener.
Strollers rule. 
Well, when you remember them that is... I learned the hard when Grandma and I took Anniston to her first trip to the Mall of America. Carrying a newborn, shopping bags and trying to shop is not the easiest of tasks. You would think the Mall of AMERICA would at least have newborn strollers to rent out. Nope, so we definitely got our workout in that day! Lucky for us, Annie Bananie is a natural shopper and enjoyed every bit of the experience! 
Now that Annie is a bit older, and I am back to feeling like myself, I have started running again! So that means jogging stroller is out and this thing seriously dominates. We have the B.O.B jogger and it it so smooth, light and easy to maneuver! Overall, our stroller has gotten many morning walks, nighttime runs, and shopping experiences in it already and Annie loves looking out at the World around her as we stroll. So much to take in and so much to do!