Saturday, October 27, 2012

52:17 Making Rasberries

I Want to Remember
Making Rasberries
You are just beginning to teeth and you are drooling so much. Whenever you just start drooling you make all these little spit bubbles – making raspberries. You haven’t been too fussy when teething so far, but there are times when I can tell your uncomfortable and I just want to take away your pain.

Sleep Needed

So Anniston's perfect sleep schedule is being destroyed! I think it is a mix between her in the early stages of teething, growing so she is getting hungry in the middle of night, and she is growing out of the whole being swaddled situation. I don't know how normal adults function with this little of sleep, so I am truly hoping this is just a short lived phase, because this momma needs some serious sleep!

Drooling Monster
Along with the early stages of teething some drooling. I mean A LOT of drooling! She is drooling through bibs, sucking on everything, and going through multiple outfits/day. Turns out there is a whole market for teething babies, so what did I do? I bought an assortment of EVERYTHING. Seriously, and turns out she doesn't like half of it! She loves when things are really cold and things that she can stick in her mouth and gnaw on. I am sure things will come more in handy as she begins to develop more teeth, but as for now, she is loving her cold Joshua giraffe and grapes teether.

Saturday, October 20, 2012

52:16 Your First Week of Daycare

I Want to Remember
Your First Week of Daycare
I want to remember your first full week of daycare. You did it! I think you did better than mommy this week. Daddy went with me for the first day of drop off and he just hugged me as I cried in the driveway. I knew you were in wonderful hands, but I just felt like I was letting you down by leaving you for so long. I don't think daycare will ever get easier, but picking you up and seeing your smiling face is my favorite part of everyday. 

Daycare Blues
Okay, so if you're reading this and you're even thinking about getting pregnant, you should probably find a daycare...NOW. Seriously, daycare is really difficult to find! Well, great daycare that is!  Luckily I found a wonderful babysitter - after several interviews and house/center visits. She is even kind enough to take the time to text me and send me pictures of my Annie smiling or just to tell me how her days are going! She totally wins brownie points for that!
 But I will say that I did struggle with finding daycare, so I can't give much advice. Okay, but really, as we looked around, I quickly realized that some people should NOT be watching children! It is quite terrifying actually! But like I said, I definitely had my share of interviews to determine what was best for us, so we saw quite the range of personalities/schedules/houses/centers/payments/beliefs.  
We chose an in home center because there was few children (only 3) and I just felt like I would be able to know exactly who was with my child all day, rather than having different workers cycling in and out throughout the day. We are also able to have Nick drop off and me pick up after work, which really works out for our scheduling.  
In the end, there is nothing easy about daycare, but my advice is just to know your options and don't just settle with daycare, they will end up spending more time with your baby than you at times, so you want someone that you can trust, that works with your schedule, and your personality! And the fact that I found someone that does awesome theme daycare days - like PJ day - means I found the right one. Needless to say, I am in Heaven! 

Pajama Day at Daycare!

Annie with Hudson

Annie with Lily

Saturday, October 13, 2012

52:15 Your First Cold

I Want to Remember
Your First Cold
I want to remember you being so strong through your first real sickness. You had to feel so miserable, yet you never got fussy or irritated. Your little coughs sounded so congested and your nose was so plugged. I would have done anything to make you feel better. Thank you for being so tough for mommy and smiling through the yucky feelings.

Being Sick Sucks
When your baby is sick, you feel absolutely helpless. And that, is a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad feeling. I always remember when I grew up my mom saying, "I wish I could just be sick for you" or "I wish it was me in pain instead." Well, I totally understand her statement now. Every time she coughed, sniffled, or sounded raspy my heart just broke! But I will admit that Boogie Wipes (especially the grape ones), Snot Suction Bulbs, and warm mist humidifiers are miracle workers. And I will always have these items on hand for me for future sniffles - because unfortunately, I know this isn't the last of them. 

Saturday, October 6, 2012

52:14 Attaching Yourself

I Want to Remember
You Attaching Yourself
I want to remember the first time you really began attaching yourself to things. You recently learned how to grab a hold of things and now you have a few things that you never let go of - Joshua Giraffe, Sophie your Stuffy, & your Pink Boa Paci that mommy made (the stores definitely didn't sell cute enough ones for you). But whenever these friends are in your grasp you are calm and cute as a button!
 Cool as a Cucumber
Annie and I have had to take a few trips back to SD solo style. Nickolas has to work and I have been going during the week. So unfortunately, that meant long road trips with just the two of us. That song "Just the Two of Us," sounds pleasant, but clearly Will Smith wasn't referring to a road trip with an infant. Whenever she cries I feel like I need to pull over, take her out, and soothe her until she calms down. Unfortunately, as soon as I put her back in the car seat, she isn't calm anymore. I have found that Joshua Giraffe and Sophie her Stuffy are life savers. She just sucks on them and plays with them and she truly is cool as a cucumber.