Thursday, January 15, 2015

52:33 A Winter Wonderland

I Want to Remember 
A Winter Wonderland
I want to remember having you in a winter wonderland. This expression says it all. You really were in wonder about the snow. We haven't had much of it this winter and when we have it has been miserably cold. So this weekend was a rarity. There was snow, and it wasn't below zero! So we bundled you and and took you out finally! While Anniston buried her head into the snow, you just sat, expressionless and stared. You didn't cry. You didn't smile. You didn't try to even move. I'd like to think you were in "wonderment" about this winter wonderland. 
We will try year. 

Thursday, January 1, 2015

52:31 Your First New Years

I Want to Remember 

Your First New Years

I want to remember your first new years. We danced to music, dressed up, blew horns. And you. You just observed it all. You are "talking" a lot more now, meaning you squawk when you want our attention and army crawl to us when we aren't close enough. This year brought us so many big blessings, but adding you to our family was the biggest blessing of all. Cheers to 2015!