Sunday, December 30, 2012

52:25 Snuggle Time

I Want to Remember
Snuggle Time
 I want to remember snuggle time with you. These past few weeks I have been so spoiled because I have had work off. We have taken daily naps, read several books, worked on getting up off the ground off your tummy, and sitting independently. This nap was so special because daddy was working downstairs on the basement and he came up and found us like this. He got jealous and we all went to bed for a serious snuggle session! This was one of those moments that I want to remember forever. 
Caught Napping at the Cabin! Love this moment!
Well, I am OFFICIALLY done bragging about Annie's awesome sleeping schedule! She now hates to sleep at night! We tried weaning her off the swaddle and then taking it away completely. We have tried feeding her food right before bed and just giving her the boob before bed. We have tried elevating her crib and letting her sleep in the bassinet. We've put her to bed earlier and tried putting her to bed later.  And NOTHING is seeming to help her sleepless nights. So as for now I am thankful that I can nap with her during the days, but when I go back to work this week I am hoping that she gets some sleep so I can actually function in my classroom! Here's to hoping that this growth spurt/teething/ear infection stage is almost over so we can all get some serious sleep again!

You are 6 Months Old!

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

52:24 Your First Christmas

I Want to Remember
Your First Christmas
I want to remember your first Christmas. Your Papa and I were so overjoyed this Christmas to have you to celebrate with. We spent time in Chaska for your first Christmas with Daddy's side of the family and you spent Christmas Eve and Christmas Day with Mommy's side of the family. You did so well with all the traveling and all the family members. You got VERY spoiled, but you were more entertained with the wrapping paper and ribbons than the actual presents!  You got some fabulous new outfits and great new toys to that you will grow into! Cannot wait to try them all out. We truly just felt so lucky and blessed to have you this Christmas.
My thoughts on the Holidays:
This season is WaY more fun with a baby to buy for!
My favorite Christmas gift for you was Elijah the Elephant by Rockabye Baby 
There are LOTS of adorable holiday books and songs to read to baby! 
You can never have too many holiday dresses! 
Driving all over for the holidays, cannot happen every holiday! It's exhausting!


Saturday, December 15, 2012

52:23 Sitting on Your Own

I Want to Remember
Sitting on Your Own

I want to remember you sitting on your own. The past few weeks you have been leaning, toppling, and wobbling while sitting, with the Bobby surrounding you.  But now you are officially able to sit on your own. Not for very long, and I know this amount of time will only increase, but it is so exciting to see how strong and brave you are! 

Saturday, December 8, 2012

52:22 Your First Snowfall

I Want to Remember
Your First Snowfall
I want to remember your first snowfall. You were so intrigued by snow. As it came down I sat you in front of our sliding door and you just stared at it. Your eyes were memorized by it and I just loved watching you tap the window. We took you outside the next morning in your snowsuit and we laid you in the snow.We weren't sure how you'd react, but you just giggled and kept hitting at the snow with your legs and hands. I think you will be quite the snow bunny! 

Midwest Baby!
This crazy child definitely loves the cold! It is the strangest thing, I get her all bundled up to go from the parking lot to the Target entrance and she would throw such a fuss about getting so bundled, I would too, but regardless, the second she feels that chilling breeze from outside she just cheeses out! She got some adorable new snow suits, hats, booties, and mittens!  It has been so fun dressing her up for this ridiculous winter weather! More pictures to come on this! I promise!