Saturday, May 25, 2013

52:47 Your Love Bear

I Want to Remember
Your Love Bear
I want to remember your love bear. This is the first animal/toy that you have actually attached yourself to. And you actually say bear quite well. It is always this high-pitched "Brr!" sound, but it is too cute! You give it hugs, kisses, pat it and snuggle with it before you go ni-night! We love watching how sweet you are with your bear. I am sure you will attach yourself to many more things throughout the months, even years. But this one is special because it was your first lovey and your first snuggle buddy.

Shopping with Bear!
 Shaking your Bear
Peek-a-Boo with Bear!
Playing Games with Bear

Fun With Foods
I know I've already posted about foods, but this was too fun! 

Doing her sign language!

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

52: 45 Eating our Foods

I want to Remember 
Eating our Foods 
I want to remember the week you started eating all our food! I knew the time was coming, but man did it happen quickly! And you were so smart about it from the start! I would try to trick you and mix in some of her previously pureed vegetable cubes and you knew instantly! You would pierce your lips shut, shakes your head no and scowl whenever I tried to give her something that is less desirable than what we are eating! 

The first meal we tried was actually to feed you was spaghetti. You were reaching and talking to us about the food. So we finally gave in and decided to cut some of it up, into ridiculously small chunks mind you, to see if you'd be interested in trying it. And you just went to town!  It was hilarious to witness. We even facetimed with Grandma and Grandpa Parr for them to enjoy a bit of the mayhem!

I think you have my love for noodles. Since then, you have eaten portions of all of our dinners! Meatloaf, pizza, mashed potatoes, and chicken have been a few of your favorites! I hope that you will keep eating anything and everything! 
I love you,  Messy Munchkin!

Saturday, May 11, 2013

52:45 Mother's Day

I want to Remember
Mother's Day
I want to remember Mother's Day. I was so excited for this day! We went up to Minneapolis on Saturday and hung out with friends and then dad took us to Craftstravaganza! It was awesome! Then on Mother's Day, some of Mommy's family came up and we had such a fabulous day together. We grilled out, opened gifts, went shopping and ohhed and ahhed over how adorable you are! I cannot tell you enough how much you have filled my heart with happiness and love. I am so blessed to be your Mommy and you have been such a wonderful gift to us.

Waiting for Family to Arrive!
Helping Grandma Open Gifts

Practicing Walking
Laughing with Family

 So Anniston is definitely talking now! She knows a few words and other times she just rambles on and on. It is hilarious listening to her "talk" to her bears and babble on in the bathtub. She knows her daddy well, and always says "Dadda and Dad" whenever he walks into the room! Her latest word is also Stop! She says it all the time. I don't think she precisely knows what it means yet, but it is very pronounced and so sassy! 

Anniston's Words
Dad = Dadda
Mom = Mum or Mama
Bear = Brr
Stop = Stop
No =No
What's That = Wus At (pointing) 

Sunday, May 5, 2013

52:43 Swimming Lessons

I want to Remember
Swimming Lessons
I want to remember your swimming lessons. We went to swimming for 6 weeks. I wasn't sure how you would like it or if you'd be that child that just screams the whole way through. Like I have said before, you LOVE your bathtime, so I was hoping you would just think of this as a giant bath. And did you ever! From night one, you were like a little guppy in the water! Kicking, splashing and smiling away! On the last night we got to put you under water. Mommy was very hesitant to do this, but you came up smiling and wanting more! I am so proud of you for completing your first swimming session and I cannot wait to get you out in the hot summer days!

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

52: 42 Sleeping Solo Style

I want to Remember
Sleeping Solo Style 
 I want to remember you sleeping solo style. This was your first sleep where we didn't use a swaddle/zippadee/sleepsack! It took you a long time to get used to not having anything holding you throughout the night. We just think that you liked the idea of someone hugging you all night! You come from quite the cuddly parents, so that doesn't surprise us! We finally decided to just wean you off the swaddle very gradually and it seems to have worked for you! Now that you aren't restrained you are quite the mover at night! We love watching you through the video monitor to see how many times you have moved it one night. It is quite impressive! You don't even wake up - you just roll, turn, ball up, lay out and flip. The best part is waking to you in the morning. You don't wake up crying like I expected, we actually wake up to the monitor and hearing you coo and ahh. You always sit up and start playing with your heart bear. It is the sweetest thing. I'd like to think that you are just telling "bear" all about your sweet dreams!

Finding a Great Baby Monitor monitors can be a pain! The first one we got was a Summer monitor. We really loved it until our screen just blacked out randomly. So we set out looking for another baby monitor! Sounds easy right?! Well it isn't! It's actually quite frustrating! We got one that went into "sleep mode" after 10 minutes and made this terrible beeping sound because it kept losing signal. Not pleasant when you are in a dead sleep at 3am. Then we got another that said it was for your iPad/iPhone and it was a joke.  The second that you closed out of the app, the monitor shut down and the app kept logging us out. So in order to see Annie in the middle of the night, we had to literally log back on! Not smart. So FINALLY we are on our 4th monitor. Maybe I am being too picky?! No...
Regardless, we LOVE it and it is exactly what we wanted out of a Baby Monitor! Oddly enough, it is set up to be a Security Camera, but it does just want we wanted! It is a Foscam and it is awesome! It took awhile for Nick to set up, but once he figured out the set up, it is the bomb! It is set up through our iPhones and we can move the camera, zoom in, change the lighting, and the audio is so great we can hear her breathing! Ri.dic.u.lous! So there you go Mommas-to-Be! That is the Baby Monitor that I would highly recommend!

Tossing and Turning all Night!

You are 10 Months Old!