Saturday, February 23, 2013

52:33 My First Birthday with You

I Want to Remember
My First Birthday with You
I want to remember my first birthday with you. I loved waking up in the morning to your smiling face. You were so happy this morning, but really you are always so happy in the morning. That afternoon, daddy took you out of daycare and you surprised me at lunch! Seeing you both brightened my whole day. Thank you for giving me the gift of you this year! 

Mommy and Me
Oh my Goodness! Turns out I am obsessed now with matching. I know, cliche. But oh so cute! I haven't gotten to the point where we are completely matching, but we definitely coordinate our colors frequently. Especially our mints, chorals, polka dots, stripes, or greys! I can't get enough of them. And either can Anniston. More pics to come. But I figured I had better get my fix as much as possible now, before she is over me copying her sassy style!

Saturday, February 16, 2013

52: 32 Your First Valentine's Day

I Want to Remember
Your First Valentine's Day

 I want to remember your first Valentines Day. This was your first day going to Emmy's Daycare and we were so excited for you! We made you some "colorful" Valentines, put on one of your many adorable Valentine outfits and took you out for a day full of Love and Fun! I think you were so intrigued by all the new people, sounds, and things that you didn't sleep at all! 
That night you were so sweet though! Daddy came home with roses for us and all the ingredients to make his delicious homemade lasagna! We had such a fun family night together reading your new Valentine Books - Fancy Nancy's "Heart to Heart" and Amelia Bedilia's "First Valentine." We also took a bath, opened your Valentines, and danced as a family. I hoped you know how loved you are Anniston Jean!

These were Anniston's Valentines that she handed out at Daycare. We spend our weekend peeling, breaking, and baking crayons! It says You "Color" Me Happy Valentine!
With your Valentine Banner and Teddy from Grandma Parr
Getting Ready to go to Emmy's in the Morning!
 Reading Fancy Nancy - you love her stories - or maybe mommy does! 
Playing Peek-a-Boo with Momma!
Digging through her Valentines!
Playing with her Lovey from Grandma Parr

Flowers and Candy?! Such and awesome holiday!
Cooking in the Kitchen with Papa! 


Saturday, February 9, 2013

52:31 Growing with Grandma

I Want to Remember
Growing with Grandma
I want to remember the month where you got to grow with Grandma. We were so lucky and so blessed to have Grandma stay with us for a whole month to babysit while you transitioned into a new daycare. It was such a blessing to get daily videos of you giggling and photos of you snuggled in Grandma's arms while I was at work. I loved coming right home from work and talking all night about things you did throughout the day. Your Daddy and I felt such an ease knowing you were growing with Grandma during this time. I hope you know how much your Grandma loves you Anniston Jean! 

Click to play this Smilebox greeting
For Grandma,  Whose heart is filled with pure kindness, love, and generosity. We are so thankful to have you as a mother, a grandmother and friend. Thank you for being you!

Family Far Away Blues
Having your own family, and not having family members nearby sucks. Saying goodbye to my Mother being here and helping us so much was such a hard thing for me to grasp. I know, many people probably read this and think, "Oh my gosh I could have never lived with my mother for a month!" But in reality, it was such a comforting feeling having her close by and knowing Anniston was in such safe hands. Not to mention, my mom definitely got the short end of the stick - driving back and forth on the weekends, literally sleeping in our living room because the basement was getting done, and she did all of our household chores despite me telling her not too!
After this month, I truly hope that those that have family close by appreciate how lucky they are. I wish all our family member were just a quick trip away, but I guess distance makes the heart grow fonder and we can definitely say we are so grateful whenever we get to spend time with any of our family members!

Saturday, February 2, 2013

52:30 Your Many Faces

I Want to Remember
Your Many Faces
I want to remember your many faces. You have got to be one of the most expressive babies I have ever seen. In one sitting, your face can go from giggling, frowning, serious, laughing, fussing, tongue-rolling, questioning, relaxed, tired and cheesing out. And I am not exaggerating, nor am I complaining. Auntie Rachel talks about Big Emotions, and you definitely have big emotions! But I love you - and all your little faces!

Me? Dramatic? Never!
So I'll be the first to admit we may have a drama queen on our hands. Clearly she got that from her father. Like I said previously, she can make quite the scene when she wants to! But seriously, I don't even want it to stop because those faces are too much! Anniston eating is probably the most comical thing to watch ever. I am still making all her food, and since I am not the best chef, it is always interesting to see how she'll react to what I make. There are always lots of big facials at the table and feeding her can be one of my favorite times of the day with her. I love how her little big personality is already starting to shine though!

You are 7 Months Old!