Saturday, April 20, 2013

52:41 The Never-Ending Winter

I Want to Remember
The Never-Ending Winter
I want to remember this never-ending winter. It is almost May and we still have yet to take a decent walk outside in our stroller. I cannot wait to take you outside and set you in the grass! Spring will come. It has to. But until then, I will have fun dressing you up in your wonderful winter apparel! 


Saturday, April 13, 2013

52:40 This Beautiful Mess

I Want to Remember
This Beautiful Mess
I want to remember to week you started getting into everything! It's nearly impossible to keep things organized with you! And it's not even your toys that you make the most mess with. You love to get into everything you're not supposed to - mommy's shoes and makeup bag, the Ziploc bags, Tupperware, pantry items, measuring cups, etc. In this picture I was folding laundry in the bedroom and I walked into the closet and you had pulled out several of my shoes. It was such a Kodak moment. A girl, a tutu, and shoes. You are definitely my daughter!  You were so proud of yourself and the beautiful mess you made! 
Oh so Pretty!

Digging in Mommy's Bathroom Drawers

 Anniston loves her tupperware toys!

 Making a mess from the Pantry!
Spice Rack...This Could be Fun! Or not...Time to Baby Proof Better!
Mommy's Girly Girl
Another Not-So Beautiful Mess
We are working on finishing the basement and I am so over it. I know I shouldn't complain, because Nick has literally done ALL the work! It started as one big cement room and it has been so fun to watch it transform. Nickolas has literally done every little thing, he even taught himself how to do the electrical! So impressive. But, I am over the clutter, the dust, the boxes, the tools, the paint cans. It is a constant mess! We are finally to the painting point, so I know the end is in sight. Here is a sneak peak of the basement...
So. Very. Close.
Can. Not. Wait!

Saturday, April 6, 2013

52:39 Brushing Your Teeth

I Want to Remember
Brushing Your Teeth
I want to remember the first time we brushed your teeth. I remember my dentist reminding me that as soon as you got teeth, I needed to start protecting them. I pray you have your Daddy's teeth because he still has no cavities! I cannot say the same about me. Not even close actually! So I will work hard to try to protect those precious teeth of yours! 

Teeth are Scary!
So I am going to be brutally honest here. Annie was attempting to crawl on the wood floor the other day and she slipped and her face and teeth went right into the floor. I am still cringing as I write this because it sounds so awful. I was crying, she was crying and I literally felt like the worse mother in the World. Lucky for me she only cried for a few minutes until I gave her my boob and started singing Bob Marley's "Every Little Thing." And Boom, she was fine!  
But then, I did the worse thing possible that night and "googled" what happens if new teeth get hurt. I read terrible things, so don't do that - brown teeth, teeth rotting, teeth falling out, oh my! 

But now that some time passed I know that her teeth are going to be just fine. I guess I am writing this to remind myself, and all those other mommies reading this, that accidents do happen. They are still awful, scary and sucky. But they happen. And they are no one persons fault. So here is to all those mommies who comfort and the kiddos who cry. 
Don't you worry, about a thing, because every little thing, is gonna be alright.