Wednesday, March 25, 2015

52:45 Comparing and Contrasting

I Want to Remember
Comparing and Contrasting

I want to remember comparing and contrasting you and Anniston. I am amazed every day when I look at the two of you. We made you! But there are days where it all just blurs together and it's hard for me to imagine where the time has gone - how do I have two growing girls already!? 
Especially on days like today. You were wearing an "oldie, but goodie" from Anniston's collection and I had this feeling of nostalgia looking at you. I vividly remembered seeing Anniston wearing that same outfit and making a mess in my closet. So for fun, I set you down in the closet - you love playing with shoes and making messes anyways - so I grabbed my camera. And this my dear, is what I got when I compared the two. Amazing isn't it?!

Don't get me wrong the two of you definitely have your differences. And I know that you'll both grow and become your own unique individuals even more. I already see little changes every day. But for now, I love looking at my two beautiful babies and just smiling at the similarities. 

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

52:44 Your First St. Patrick's Day!

I Want to Remember 

Your First St. Patrick's Day

I want to remember your first St. Patrick's Day! You have been so smiley lately! We feel like in the past week you have really started growing out of that infant stage and into the toddler stage. And as sad as that makes me to say, it also makes me so excited for you. Your personality is coming out more every day and we are constantly giggling right along with you - especially Anniston! On this St. Patrick's day we feel so lucky to have you in our lives. 

 This morning you kept giggling in the mirror and tapping your head! 
It was too cute not to take a selfie with you!

This morning at Carol's house. Anniston felt extra fancy because she got green sparkles on her eyes!