Thursday, July 28, 2011

Welcome to the Dells!

Well we have talked about it for quite some time, but this summer we finally took a trip to the Wisconsin Dells! We went with Scott and Gracie and stayed at the Kalahari! It truly is an amazing place! We had such a great time in the indoor and outdoor water park, the amusement park, and eating out!
We even had the opportunity to feed a baby tiger! It was incredible and we hope to make it an annual trip! Here are a few snapshots of our weekend together!

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Sunday, July 17, 2011

Adventures with Lilyan

Well we have had little Lilyan for a few months now and she has definitely kept us on our toes! She has been the best birth control we could ask for, but quite a challenge! Who knew a dog could be so naughty, yet so sweet! Well here are just a few of our lastest Lilyan adventures!
Yesterday I ran barefoot out to my car to get a bag and when I ran back to my front door I discovered that I was locked out from Lilyan pawing at the door! But after 2 hours of waiting, a visit to some random neighbors houses for a phone, one phone call to the locksmith, and $65.00 later I got back in my house looking down at a very guilty Lilyan.
Then this morning I was packing for our weekend to Wisconsin so Nick put Lily's big metal crate in our car. I left for less than an hour to go for a run and look at what I came home to! She chewed through her fabric crate?! Ugh...
So far she has chewed through 1 comforter, 2 pillows, and 3 shoes and now a dog kennel! I am fairly certain raising a child has to be easier than this! Seriously people. Enjoy the good, bad, and naughty pictures below!
Lilyan in her first stages of fetching....and the start of her chewing phase.
Lily's first bath!
How could you not love her like this?!
We survived our first Easter Holiday with Lilyan!
The blanket stage: Turns out Lily is obsessed with blankets and loves getting under them...but she is too cute to get mad at! Sometimes...

This is after the first pillow pad Lily managed to attack.
No. Not all dogs enjoy swimming. We went out to the lake and the only way Lily would actually swim successfully in the water is if she was wearing Grace's princess life jacket. Real tuff Lily!
After chewing through her fabric crate. Awesome Lily. Just Awesome.  

Lily's favorite hang out spot :)
Here's to many more adventures, stories, and moments with our Lilyan!

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Fourth of July!

Well for those of you that don't know, 4th of July is one of my most favorite holidays! I am completely obsessed with fireworks (hence Nickolas illegally proposing to me with them). But our town always has an arts festival, a road race and a pretty great show. So, it's been tradition for us to go to Lennox for a long time.
But since the 4th of July was on a Monday this year, our families decided to all get together and celebrate the holiday in Okoboji at Penny and Joel's beautiful home! For whatever reason, I didn't take as many pictures as I typically do, but we had a wonderful time boating, going out and spending time together! Hope you had a fantastic fourth with family as well! 
At the barefoot bar!
Getting Fishbowls at the Ritz....bad/good idea!
Out on the Boat! We didn't completely sink it....
Enjoying some Lunch! Scott and Gracie

Nickolas and I
Auntie Rachel and Grace!
Grace and I got sweet new blinged out watches!