Saturday, July 28, 2012

52:4 Strange Symptoms are Normal Symptoms

I want to Remember 
Strange Symptoms are Normal Symptoms

Everything that you do is new to me. I am not sure what is normal, good, bad, scary, or common - but I am learning quickly. Thank you for being patient with us as we try to tackle this parenting thing, one strange symptom at a time.
It’s official. I am a mother.  
So far I've been peed on, pooped on, spit up on, cried on and sucked on and I still love her to pieces. In the past four weeks Nickolas and I have definitely learned a lot, but we couldn’t be more in awe of our little Annie. She does something new every day that amazes us and makes us fall more in love. I feel like we have grown and learned so much already, but most importantly we have learned that strange symptoms are normal symptoms.  I feel like I should just have a nurse move in with me to reassure me that she is just fine! So far I have talked to the doctor about her blue feet, twitching while sleeping, baby acne, projectile spit up, and thrush. The only thing that was a slight cause of concern was the thrush. Not painful for her (for me, yes), but regardless we both got some medicine and are doing better! Other than that, all those other symptoms are completely normal. Who would of thought?! 

Saturday, July 21, 2012

52:3 The Way You Sleep

 I want to remember
The Way You Sleep  
I want to remember the different ways that you sleep. Our daily naps are heavenly. I'm pretty sure any mother would agree her favorite thing is to stare at her newborns face. I am no exception to this, but I find myself staring at your face for so many different reasons. It's crazy how much you have changed in a weeks time. I will never have the way you looked those first few days in the hospital back. You are changed forever and I will only have that little look through pictures I have taken or the memories I have stored. I'm very lucky to have experienced those looks and moments at all. I want you to know that our daily snuggle sessions make my heart melt and whenever I look down at you Anniston, I know that I was meant to be a mommy. 

Shhh...She is Sleeping
Literally on her three-week birthday, Anniston slept in her crib through the night! I repeat, she slept through the night and she was in her crib! Trust me, we were as shocked as you are, but she is that fabulous! Around week 2 ½ I started putting her in her crib in between feedings and for some daily naps, just to get her adjusted to both the bassinet and her crib. Then on her three-week birthday, I put her in her crib at 10:40pm and I finally woke her up 6:00am because I was in dire need to feed her! Just awesome. We have had a few nights where she won’t go to sleep until 12:00am, but then she still sleeps well into the morning! More reason to be completely in love with her! I will give all the credit to her swaddle blankets and her daddy’s amazing lullaby skills every night! 
I love the way your body shifts during your naps and nightly sleeps. Whenever you take a nap I catch myself just staring at you and thinking about how perfect you are. You are so sweet.

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Newborn Pictures

These are Anniston's newborn pic's shot by Anniston's Grandma Parr and her co-worker Shannon. I love their simplicity and how they captured every little detail. 
Thank you grandma for such a beautiful experience! 

2 Week Check Up 
Doctor: Dr. Chaun Cox 
Height: 22.16 inches 
Weight: 8lbs 3 ounces 
Head Circumference: 36.3cm

52:2 The Way You Eat

I Want to Remember 
The Way You Eat
I want to forever capture your sweet coos and soft cries. I love that when I hold you, I can feel your body relax. I love that when I feed you, you seem at ease. I can honestly say that feeding you is my favorite part of every day. It is a bond we share that is truly unexplainable.

Boobs are for Food, Not Fun. 
Well, lets face it. The first time Nick saw me use the breast pump I knew our relationship was on a whole new level. Annie is literally an eating machine and I am her favorite vending machine. If she isn’t eating, she still just likes to lay next to them as if she is letting dad know, they are all hers now. And no one prepared me for the constant milk flow either. When I shower they leak. When I am cold, they leak. When I give hugs, they leak. When I take a bath, they leak. When Annie cries, they leak. When I go one minute over three hours of feeding, they leak. It is ridiculous, but at least I know I have quite the supply for the time being.

Saturday, July 7, 2012

52:1 The Way You Took in the World

I want to remember 
the way you took in the world those first few days
I want to remember the way you took the World in so quickly. Even in the hospital room you seemed so alert. The nurses kept commenting on your eyes and how they were really taking everything in. I love staring at you, while you take in everything for the first time. I wish I knew what you were thinking. I hope we show you a beautiful world. 

We have been overwhelmed with all of the well wishes, family and friends visiting, and the constant support following Anniston's birth! The last few days have been so much more amazing than I ever could have imagined. I still haven't really slept and I still can't believe she is here. And there are moments where I look down at her and think. She is still here. She is still perfect. And she she is ours. Forever. 
It is really a feeling I can't describe to anyone else and it's quite overwhelming. Each day she is changing and I find myself just holding her tighter just to stop her from growing. She makes my heart melt and daddy's extra sweet side come out. I cannot wait to start making memories as a family.

Here are a few (of the hundreds) of photos that grandma, Auntie A, and I have already snapped from this week. She is definitely a heartbreaker and has stole daddy's heart and melted mine.
All set to go home.

Welcome Home Anniston Jean!

She was so exhausted she wanted to test out her crib right away!

She still has to grow into it quite a bit!

Annitston Jean - Day Four

Oh Please Mom, Stop with all the Photos!

Happy Fourth of July from our Little Firecracker!

My Little Firecrackers were all Burned Out!

Sunday, July 1, 2012

52:0 The Way You Felt Against My Skin

I want to remember 
the way you first felt against my skin
 No books, no class, no conversation could have prepared me for how my life would change once you were placed against me. I know at the time I was completely exhausted, but it was the first time I felt like I knew what my purpose was in life. To love, hold, and care for you.

Meet Our Annie
Anniston Jean Rehder arrived at 6:17pm on June 30th, 2012. She weighed 7lbs & 12 oz and was 22 inches long. She has a full head of beautiful dark hair, sweet sounds, and is already nuzzling us during skin to skin time. We are so in love and couldn't feel more blessed!!
First family photo after 40 hours of no sleep!

Daddy doing skin to skin time

So sweet. So in love.