Friday, October 31, 2014

52:23 You as Amelia Earhart

I want to Remember 
 You as Amelia Earhart

I want to remember dressing you up as Amelia Earhart. Anniston wanted to be a pirate fairy (naturally) and I had a hard time thinking of how you could be a pirate. And then, it dawned on me. You are my Amelia and you could dress up as a pilot, Amelia Earhart! I used my finest procrastinating skills and sewed up your jacket and painted your plane together THEE day before and taped it up the day of. You were hilarious as we went around trick or treating. It was a cold night but we bundled blankets in your engine and you seemed....well...serious. As any great pilot is. You always have such a serious look about you. I swear you are the most chill baby ever and when you laugh at us, I swear you are just giggling at how ridiculous we all are. We know that you will soar to do big things in this world. And we cannot wait to watch you fly.  
 Trick or Treat? 
Okay, I am saying it now. I am hosting a Halloween Party next year. Before kids, Nickolas and I always used to throw bomb Halloween Parties. Then when we had Anniston, I kept saying it would be too much. But now, after two years of small trick or treating, mall walking and bundling up. I am over that. That is too much work with little ones. It's always too cold out and the mall has really long lines of tootsie rolls. Next year, we won't throw our typical Halloween party. But we will throw a kiddy Halloween Bash with witches walks, costume contests, and fun games. Our neighborhood is FULL of kids, so it's a perfect set up and I think it'll be so fun for the neighborhood! I am already creating ideas in my head! It will be spooktacular!
And if not, at least it will be warmer!

Friday, October 24, 2014

52:22 Spending Time with Family

I Want to Remember
Spending Time with Family

I want to Remember spending time with family. Living in a different town than family can be tough. Really tough. And what makes it even harder is when you live in a different town than your family AND having kids. Having nieces, nephews, and even sister-in-laws that are changing every month and we are not there to see their personality change, their hair get cut, how they really look with 4 teeth missing and how they look when they first start crawling. Having family live all over has always been hard on us, but I guess that is what makes those family get togethers so precious. This weekend we got a lot of Nick's family together for a "pre-thanksgiving" in Spencer, Iowa. We were LONG overdue! We had family from Tennessee, Colorado, Iowa, Minnesota and Wisconsin. It was awesome seeing everyone, but it went by too quickly. It always does. But here are a few pictures of our quick weekend. We stopped to visit Valerie and Grandma Harriet even got out of her "home" for a short bit to be with us. 
And we are all very thankful for little moments like that. 

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

52:21 Picking out Pumpkins

I Want to Remember
Picking Out Pumpkins
I want to remember picking out pumpkins. To say I am obsessed with fall would be an understatement! We have had such a perfect fall so far. Going on lots of walks, playing outside, setting up decorations, picking out pumpkins & carving them. You've grown up so much this month that it's literally making me sad. I am trying to enjoy all these little moments that I have with you at this size, because if I learned anything from Anniston, I've learned that time really does go too fast. So for now, we will dress you up in matching outfits & enjoy our little walks outside.

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

52:19 Finding your Toes

I Want to Remember
Finding Your Toes

I want to remember you finding your toes. You literally giggled out loud the first time you put them in your mouth. And now, you can't control yourself. They are your favorite toy & your constantly trying to find them. Anniston will even lay beside you now and try to help you grab at your toes whenever you let them slip. Watching the two of you grow closer makes my heart fill with love from head to toe!