Monday, January 30, 2012

18 Weeks

How far along? 18 Weeks (1/30/12)
Maternity clothes? I got spoiled this weekend and got quite a lot of cute maternity shirts and pants from my mother! I am still wearing my regular shirts, but using a tie to expand the waist of my pants. Very classy, I know!
Sleep: Lots of bathroom breaks throughout the night and I can’t seem to ever find a comfortable position for more than an hour. But I am discovering that naps are glorious!
Best moment this week: We had another appointment last week and got to hear baby’s heartbeat! A strong 150 bpm! I told him that it must be a girl then right?! Dr. Taylor just rolled his eyes at me and said, “Yes Ashley, it is definitely a girl. And it looks like you’re carrying low, so it must be a boy as well!” Well…it doesn’t hurt to believe in some wives’ tales!

Complaint of the Week: I am ALWAYS itchy/dry! I have never been such a lotion latherer in my life (mom and Angie you should be so proud of me)! But seriously, from belly butter, to Bath and Body Works Body Cream, I can never seem to have enough on to make the itching go away. I did get a humidifier this weekend and last night I did sleep fairly well! So hopefully this is just a slight phase in the pregnancy!
Miss Anything? My mother-in-law, Valerie. It was her birthday on Sunday and I know she is just so excited for us up there, but I would have loved to hear her excitement for our baby. To say she loved her grandbabies was an understatement. And I would have loved to go baby shopping with her, planning with her, and calling her to tell stories. But she is still helping out in heaven because she blessed Nickolas and I and my sister-in-law, Rachel and Ganna (due July 22nd) by letting us both get pregnant at the same time! I know this was her way of making sure we are caring for each other!
Movement: Not yet…waiting anxiously for that moment!
Food cravings: Not really anything particular.
Have you started to show yet:  About a week ago was the first time others started commenting! It is so fun to actually be past that awful awkward stage of “is she pregnant or is she eating too many holiday sweets still?”

Gender: We could find out on February 6th. Nick still insists he is going to find out. I insist that I won’t. So we will see how that pans out...
Wedding rings on or off? On
Happy or Moody most of the time: Incredibly happy! Work rules, planning for the nursery is beyond fun, Nickolas is too sweet to me, my family is so excited and loving and so many of my close friends are expecting! Seriously, life it awesome!
Looking forward to: February 6th appointment!  Can’t wait to see Baby R on a screen again!

Monday, January 16, 2012

4 Months!

How far along? 16 Weeks (1/16/2012)
Maternity clothes? sporting a lot of leggings lately, but mostly just wearing my own clothes for now.
Stretch marks? No
Sleep: Turns out I fall asleep fast and hard lately, unfortunately, I wake up about 3x/night to go to the bathroom (hey ladies, I thought that was a first trimester and last trimester thing?!)
Best Moment this Week: I had a student give me a tummy hug and say "I love you," and then rub my belly. Pretty sure she was talking to Baby R. I haven't actually told my kinders that I am pregnant yet. I feel that some of them may literally need to see a tummy in order to comprehend. So I will share that news in February.
Worst Moment This Week: I have been getting really intense migraines lately. This comes from the girl who never got any headaches. They are awful! Luckily, I usually just have to complain for a minute to Nickolas and he is rubbing or pressing the pressure points on my neck! Yay for being pregnant and spoiled! 
Miss Anything? Subway! No one ever told me I couldn't eat deli meat for 9 months! Well...when I come to think of it there is a lot that people forgot to tell me about being pregnant...
Movement: Not yet...Nickolas checks every night if he can feel anything. He swears he can. I will continue to let him believe that.
Food cravings: Not really cravings...just really liking my crackers and Peanut Butter and Gogo Squeez Applesauce! Yum!

Anything making you queasy or sick: Certain and random places smell funny to me (hotels, public bathrooms, parts of the grocery store)
Have you started to show yet: still just a little bump. It is very strange but some days I look like I am 5 months pregnant and others I look like I ate too much! What’s that about Baby R?! Just stay put please!
Gender prediction: Girl..,although I have been looking at Baby Boy stuff lately...not sure what that is about.
Wedding rings on or off? On
Happy or Moody most of the time: Happy!
Looking forward to: Feeling more movement and buying things for the nursery! Eek! 

Next Appointment: Monday, January 23rd!
About the Picture: Nickolas actually got in on the action this time! He said he way I was holding the avocado was boring, so he showed me how it's done! And I ended up keeping the picture! Looks like our baby is in good hands.

Sunday, January 1, 2012

14 Weeks

How far along? 14 Weeks (1/1/2012)
Maternity clothes? Got a few things for Christmas and I wore a cute black maternity number last night for New Years.
Sleep: Sleeping great and WAY too much. Going back to work is going to be rough!
Best moment this week: Celebrating Christmas with Nick's family at our home and Bringing in the New Year with Friends and Family! I even stayed up until 2:30 (hence me waking up at 11:30 today!)
Missing: Is it terrible to say Drinking?! I never really drank that much prior to being pregnant, but I have had to sit out through Halloween festivities, the Thanksgiving Baileys Drinks, Christmas Jello Shots, and New Years Mulled Wine and Margaritas, and my work party this week! Oh how I would just love a sip of my Baileys! :) 
Things I've Been Craving: Pizza Hut! Every time I see those commercials I begin to salivate from the idea of eating it. Luckily, I got to finally eat there this Friday night.
Have you started to show yet: Got a little belly growing!
Gender prediction: Girl! Nick wants to find out...I do not! I think I might win this battle :)
How am I feeling: Happy! I finally feel like myself again! Lots of energy and excitement!
About Baby Rehder: Our baby can now squint, frown, grimace, pee, and possibly suck its thumb! Crazy!
About the Pictures: Lily is showing her new trick to lets others know we are expecting. I call out "Where's the Baby" and she hits this pose and precedes to pat my belly. We've even gotten her to howl with excitement while patting the Baby R a few times. Yup, she is just as excited as we are! In the other picture we are just getting ready to go out for New Years! And let me say again...I stayed up until 2:30! Go me and my prego self!