Saturday, March 30, 2013

52: 38 The Week Everything Changed

I Want to Remember
The Week Everything Changed

I want to remember our spring break week. It was the week everything changed for you! I have been looking forward to this vacation week for us for so long. We were going to have a Girl's Week with Gracie, but at the last minute we found out that your Auntie Rachel and her four kiddos and Grandpa Rick were coming to visit us from Washington! I was so excited for your to hang out with all your cousins and see little Quincy again. He is quite active and I figured he would encourage you to want to crawl too. 

Below are some pics from our week:

You helped with the household chores. You LOVE playing with fresh, warm clothes!
We played with a lot of games and toys. 
All your cousins, Auntie Rachel, Auntie Jennifer, and Grandpa Knocame to visit for the week. 
You went to American Girl this week with Gracie for girl's day. I think you are just as obsessed as we were. Tea party, desserts, and playing with dolls. 
You got FIVE teeth this week. Yes, FIVE! For a total of 6 teethers now. Four on top and two on bottom! 
You finally crawled for the first time on your 9 Month birthday!

                                    You are 9 Months Old!

Saturday, March 23, 2013

52:37 Meeting the Easter Bunny

I Want to Remember
Meeting the Easter Bunny

I want to remember meeting the Easter Bunny. We were shopping and he was just sitting there, waiting for someone to come visit him. So naturally we took a picture! I wasn't sure how you would react. And I truly don't think you knew how to react! You looked at me and smiled, looked up at  him, and then looked back and then the tears started rolling. What can I say, I think a giant Easter Bunny holding me would be terrifying too!

Saturday, March 16, 2013

52:36 Your First St. Patty's Day

I Want to Remember
Your First St. Patrick's Day
 I want to remember your first St. Patrick's Day. I slaved away the night before making you a St. Patrick's day ensemble. It was conferences this week, so mommy's mind forgot that St. Patrick's Day was so close!  But rest assured, it all came together in time! Over night, a little leprechaun left you some green goodies - Emeraldicious & The Night Before St. Patrick's Day. So naturally, we read them and then got you ready! It was so fun dressing you up in the morning and seeing the whole outfit come together! You looked adorable and my mind was at ease sending you to daycare that day, because I knew no one would be pinching my little leprechaun! 


Saturday, March 9, 2013

52:35 Your First Bubble Bath

I Want to Remember
Your First Bubble Bath

I want to remember the first time I used bubble bath with you. Bath time is still one of my favorite times with you. You LOVE your baths. We usually fill the bath with your favorite toys and you splash them in the water, clank them together and stay in there until your are all wrinkled and worn out! Tonight I decided to finally add baby bubbles to your bath and you. loved. it! It was so fun watching you splash away and you were putting them all over you. Cuteness overload!

Fabulous Food
I have been having learning so much about making baby food and I am loving it! I think Annie is too! She is quite the eater and virtually eats whatever I put in front of her! She is beginning to accept her green vegetables a lot more now that I started warming them a bit! Now that she has tried all the basic fruits and veggies and I started pairing fruits into smoothies and yummy vegetable blends with different herbs and spices! Who knew baking for baby could be so much fun!
 Enjoying her banana/blueberry/greek yogart smoothie!
Anniston's Favorites
Cinnamon Apple & Pear
Mango & Banana Puree
Fruit Smootie (Strawberries, Blueberries, and Banana)
Baby Guacamole (Avacado with Cucumber & Cumin)
Sweet Potatoes and Mashed Potatoes 

Saturday, March 2, 2013

52:34 Your First Tooth

I Want to Remember
Your First Tooth
 I want to remember your first tooth. We knew it was coming. You have been waking the last few nights, chewing on everything, and been especially drooly lately! Since I am still nursing you I have been nervous about this moment, but so far, you have been very kind to me! I was so excited when I woke up in the morning to find that your tooth finally broke through your gums. It is still very short, but it just makes me so giddy to watch your smile transform from a gummy grin to a terrific teething smile! 
Celebration Overload
After having a blast for Valentine's Day and celebrating big birthday style, I now cannot contain my excitement for the month of March! Having back to back holidays to close means some serious clashing of home decorations - Green Shamrocks with Pastel Eggs? Such a contradiction! But regardless, that means lots of fun dress up days! Speaking of dress up days, this week at daycare Anniston had to dress up for Wacky Wednesday! Could she be any cuter?!
Oh, you better believe I have plans for some shiny shamrock ensembles and I won't even start on Anniston's Easter outfits!  

You are 8 Months Old!