Monday, May 28, 2012

35 Weeks - Baby Shower Fun!

This memorial day weekend we had our Baby Shower! My mother and sister decided to do a Circus Theme and it couldn't have been more adorable! The original plan was to have it outside, but due to the rain and humidity, they thought the circus could go on in the garage - and did it ever! The things they planned and set up were unlike anything I have ever seen! There were circus stuffed animals, circus peanuts, lollipops, nachos, pickles and ice cream, pigs in a blanket, pig races (too fun), decorations galore, and who could forget the circus cake! It was unbelievable! 
That night we also had a diaper keg at my Sister and Jake's house! It was a perfect night and we definitely are loaded up on the diapers now! It was great seeing all the couples and our guy friends that couldn't really attend the shower! We spent the night eating, drinking, playing bean bags, and beer games and just talking. It was so great seeing everyone, but crazy to believe that the next time I will see the majority of them, baby will be here! Eek!
Overall, we just want to thank everyone who attended and/or sent well wishes! We definitely felt blessed and cannot WAIT to fill our home with all of the amazing things for Baby R! I think I still need some advice on how to use some of the items! But don't worry, I'll figure it out! :) 
But we put together a short Smilebox so you can see all the fun that we had. Yup, I think Baby is going to be one spoiled, lucky and loved little Baby! Love You All!

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How Far Along: 35 Weeks (5/28/2012)
Maternity Clothes: I have a few favorites that I just keep recycling. But the dress I wore at the shower was actually from my mother and sister and it wasn't maternity! Those maxi dresses work wonders and it was very comfortable! I would say the toughest thing is finding shoes that I feel comfortable in for the whole day while working. Our school doesn't have AC, so I am fine on the cool days, but when the weather warms up, I puff up! So not cute! I never thought I'd say this, but I would be fine with summer weather waiting to come until school is out!
Stretch Marks: None Yet! I think that belly butter is magical, because I am fairly certain my stomach is as far stretched out as it can possibly get!
Sleep: Sleeping fairly well actually! As long as I am cool, I sleep wonderfully!
Best Moment This Week: The baby shower/diaper keg! I waited and waited for that day to come! It was so wonderful seeing so many people that I don't get the chance to see that often! It was surreal to think that the next time I'll see a lot of them, we will have Baby R!
Miss Anything: I miss a lot of things, but this whole experience has been pretty phenomenal. I can't believe how much I have learned about myself, Nickolas, our friends, family and just my overall feelings about being pregnant! I was so nervous about the idea of having a baby prior to being pregnant and now I (barely) think about the process. I just cannot wait to meet our little one! Movement: All the time! It is unbelievable! That is probably the thing I will miss the most about being pregnant. Just knowing it is always with me and safe. The movements aren't as hard anymore, now they are slow and like baby is stretching out - at least it's trying to!
Labor Signs: None Yet! Starting at my next appointment (6/5/2012) I go in for my weekly checks and Dr. Taylor said we might start seeing progress by then!
Symptoms: Overall feeling pretty great! I think I am on a life high right now with the idea of moving, summer approaching and a new baby - I cannot really complain! Worst thing is that there is a lot of pressure in my belly as it continues to grow & some pain in my ribs and lower back.
About Baby R: Baby R is about 20 inches long this week and around 6 pounds! No wonder my tummy feels so heavy!  It is about the size of a sheet cake! Wow!
Wedding Rings on or off: Took it off one day. It was just too dang hot and I wasn't sure if my swelling would ever go back down! But it did. it stays on for the most part!
Looking Forward to: So many things! The end of the school year fun events (class picnic, field trip, field day), packing up, moving into our new house and Baby R's arrival! Oh my goodness it grand.

Monday, May 21, 2012

34 Weeks - Nick's Marathon

Well we are finally at 8.5 months and had quite the wonderful weekend! On Saturday afternoon we headed up to Wisconsin for Nick to run his second full marathon and spend some time with the family. We stopped at Lambeau Field to pick up Nick's packet and then Jennifer cooked some delicious homemade Chicken Alfredo so Nick (well all of us) could carb load before the big day!
Race day has been filled with a lot of emotion for quite some time now. As I said previously, Nick's mother, Valerie passed away on May 20th, 2011. So he knew this race would be exhausting physically, mentally and emotionally, but he was ready for it.
Unfortunately, due to the heat the race officials called the race! So Nick never got to finish! He was running incredibly strong up until he was forced to stop (mile 18.71) but he is still determined to do another one - of course! We were all very proud of him and the beer definitely cheered him up at the end! Here is a look at the rest of our weekend. 
Top Right: Running in the marathon with a big grin on his face! Middle Right: I wrote on Nick's leg so people could cheer him on as he ran along. The other leg said "This Race is for You Mom - May 20th, 2011" Bottom Right: Stopping at Mile 18. At this point he knew they stopped the clocks, but he was determined to keep running! Middle: Celebrating with some well deserved cold beers. At least this cheered him up after having to stop early! Top Left: Running along in the race right before they pulled him off. Bottom Right: Stretching out after being pulled off the course.

Left: This was right before Nick had to stop the race. He wasn't planning on stopping here, but such is life! Right: Our amazing family! We chased him along throughout the morning so he had lots of support (Scott, Me, Nick, Mykah, Stephanie, Jennifer, Gracie, and Madilyn). Not Pictured: Duane Olson. Yes, Duane, Nick's good running friend, drove all the way out to support Nick and cheer him on. Unfortunately, due to all the traffic and them calling the race early, Duane never actually got to see Nickolas run! But he stayed with us afterward for some drinks, food, and fun!

When we got back from the Marathon Grace wanted to send another letter to heaven for mom. She sent a balloon and letter to Heaven on her birthday as well, so I think she has a forever tradition started that will always have a wonderful meaning behind it. Since we were all there we all wrote her a message. The weather was absolutely perfect and as soon as Gracie released it, it soared high into the sky. I am sure she loved getting our messages and seeing us all together. We miss her a lot, especially on days like today, but it is always reassuring to know she is looking over all of us. 
Thank you to all of you who were sending prayers to the family, Nick, and Valerie throughout the weekend and throughout this year. It is so reassuring to hear that people are still praying for Valerie, Gracie, and the family. It has been quite the year, but we have been blessed with A LOT of amazing things this year and we know that Val is just continuing to bless and support us day in and day out.

Thursday, May 17, 2012

33 Weeks

How Far Along: 33 Weeks (5/14/12) I am behind again! 
Sleep:  Sleeping fairly well, minus the itchy legs and frequent cramping at night.
Complaint over the Weeks:  Whew! The past few weeks Nick and I have kind of went through a whirlwind of changes. We recently found out the place we are currently renting at will not work for next year (long story) so, with 7 weeks left, we began searching for rentals, homes, and any other living situations possible. So our nights have been spent with realtors, inspectors, estimators, and driving aimlessly around town to try to find a place to move into before Baby R’s arrival. No big deal right? Deep breaths, prayers, and positive thoughts folks!
Best Moment This Week: Umm...we bought a house tonight!! Yup, hence the being behind on blogging! So my complaint turned into the best news of our week and definitely is ranking up there for our best moments EVER!! It is perfect and more than we could have ever wanted! Closing on June 11th! Yes, the same day I will be considered "Full Term." Don't worry, I talked to Baby R and we agreed that it NEEDS to stay in me until we are unpacked!
Request for the Week: Nick sister, Rachel, is 30 weeks along and already dilating. She has been on bed rest for quite some time and now they gave her steroids to help develop Baby Mboob’s little lungs. The doctors are thinking that she will have him in the next few days, so please send some of your prayers to their family and that little guy. 
Movement: Lots more movement on the right side. Dr. Taylor said he thinks the baby’s head is down and it’s arms and legs are facing the right side causing most the big movements to be on that side. 
Cravings:  Still not really craving anything. Just eating…and then eating again… 
Symptoms: Leg cramps at night and sore ribs! 
Belly Button: The bottom is slowly starting to move out!  
About Baby R: Well no, that is not a bowling ball inside my dress, it just appears that way. This baby is definitely growing and growing straight outward! That is what I get for being 5 feet tall. Poor thing has no where to go! We are very close to 34 weeks already, but at 33 weeks, it is already 4.5 pounds and over 17.5 inches long!  Baby's respiratory system is almost completely mature and it can detect light! Yup our little one could be born anytime now and still be healthy! But let' s just keep it in for now :)
Looking Forward to: This weekend! Nickolas is running another full marathon on Sunday, May 20th in Greenbay, WI. It is the one year anniversary of his mother, Valerie’s passing. So we know she will be running along with him every step of the way. He will also have us and other family members there with obnoxious signs and noise makers to push him too. Send him well wishes and prayers too as he will need all the physical and mental strength he can get that day.