Friday, May 30, 2014

Anniston is 23 Months Old!

You are 23 Months Old Today!
While Anniston was 22 Months She:

Became a BIG sister on May 8th, 2014 to Amelia Grace Rehder! 

She loves holding her baby sister and singing songs to her. 
Her favorite is "Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star" or as she says 
"Winkle, Winkle Wittle Star."

Starting using the phrase "Oh My Gosh!" for anything that is cool or amazing. 

Planted a garden with Daddy, they go out every night and water it and "in-pect" the fruits and vegetables to see if they are ready to eat. 

She repeats everything now and is very much an auditory learner. She hears something once - a song, counting, a nursery rhyme, a phrase, etc. - and she remembers it and actually uses those sayings in the correct context! It's really quite impressive. 

She loves running and got a new pair of Keen sandals. She wears them everywhere! 

Bubbles and colors keep her easily entertained for long periods of time. 

She is wearing size 6 shoes, 18 months clothes and weighs 22.5 pounds. 

She loves when I fix her hair in pigtails or barrettes. And she also loves pulling them out when I am not looking. Then she always says "Uh Oh, Mommy my hair is broken again!"
Right Annie. 

Thursday, May 29, 2014

52:3 Watching You Sleep

I Want to Remember 
Watching You Sleep
I love watching you sleep. You are such a loud sleeper right now - always grunting, cooing or snoring. Anniston loves to check up on you while you sleep. She always giggles at all your little noises.  My favorite part of every day is napping with you. I love feeling your chest breath quickly in and out. I love seeing you open your eyes for a split second, just to check that I am still there with you. I love watching your expressions change while you dream. 
I always wonder what you could possibly be dreaming of when you are so small. Regardless, I hope they are happy dreams as I hold you close. Sweet Dreams Little One. 
Sweet Dreams. 
Don't Sleep Mille! 
Well, as much as Anniston loves her little sister, she does not like her asleep! Amelia can be sound asleep and snoring peacefully in another room and the second Anniston discovers she's missing, she yells, "Don't eep, Millie!" or "Millie Wake Up!" (Note the picture above with the baby sleeping, and then awake when Anniston arrives). At first, it always seemed to startle Amelia, yet she is already better at sleeping through more of Anniston's abrupt wake up calls. 
Poor Millie. 
I just hope that Anniston starts being more mindful of her precious sleep time. I just keep telling myself she loves her so much, she doesn't want to have any time without her. 
And yes, I'll keep telling myself that.

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Thursday, May 22, 2014

52:2 Seeing Your Belly Button

I Want to Remember
Seeing Your Belly Button
Today I saw your belly button for the first time. It is the sweetest little belly button ever. We had some slight scares with your umbilical cord stump, as it got infected right away. Luckily, the doctors gave us some medicine for you and it cleared up right away and caused you no pain. When it fell off, it revealed the most adorable belly button ever. I cannot wait to give you full baths, listen to you giggle as we tickle your tummy or blow on your belly. 
Anniston came to your first doctor appointment. She got to listen to your heart and she kept saying
"I give baby sister check up?" Adorable.
Baby Blues
Well, we are right over two weeks and Amelia has had to go get a "check up" three times now. 
Yes, Three doctor's appointments. 
She had her first scheduled doctor appointment when she was only 4 days old. Isn't that soon? The nurse asked if I had any questions and I still felt like I didn't even know this new baby yet. I had a million questions, yet none at the same time. 
Then, a few days later, Amelia's belly button got an infection. I felt like such a failure of a parent, but it never seemed to bother her! Luckily, we got it checked out right away, so it was just an external infection. So we just got some medicated gel and cleared it all out in no time. 
Lastly, she's been having a rough time sleeping at night. I know, this is typical. But her problem isn't staying asleep, she has very irregular breathing. That is terrifying. The doctor either said she has a blocked nasal passage and babies only know how to breathe out of their noses initially, so hopefully as she grows, her breathing will become more regular and in we will both sleep so soundly. 
So hopefully, we are done with the doctor's appointments for awhile! Well, until the dreaded 6 week check up. Shots. Ugh. I hate shots. 

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Thursday, May 15, 2014

52:1 Bringing You Home

I Want to Remember 
 Bringing You Home
I want to remember bringing you home. We were anxious to get home and have you meet your sister, see your bedroom and snuggle you in our home. You were so sweet and quiet when we got home. Anniston couldn't stop giving you kisses and hugs as soon as you arrived. I am sure they were just the first of many. Here are just a few of the many snapshots we took on your first day home. Welcome to our World Little One! 

Beautiful Rainbows above our home the Day we brought you home. Maybe we should've named you Rainbow....just kidding Amelia...just kidding.

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Thursday, May 8, 2014

52:0 Holding You for the First Time

52:0 I Want to Remember
Holding You for the First Time
Well after 29 hours laboring in the hospital we finally got to meet you. It truly is one of those moments that no one can prepare you for. As exhausted as I was, as sick as I was, and as sore as I was - it just didn't matter anymore. You were a baby girl. You were our baby girl. And you were finally in my arms. You didn't cry, at all actually! You just stared at me, wide-eyed for the longest time. You were instantly loved and will forever be. Welcome to our family Amelia Grace. 

Project 52...AGAIN

Well, it wouldn't be fair to Miss Amelia if she didn't get a weekly updated like Anniston. So I am challenging myself to write about Amelia's life once a week for the first year of her life, hence, Project 52. My goal is to capture a single moment, a big milestone or a simple smile. It is a way for me to "scrapbook" my girl's lives so they have something memorable to look back on when they are older. 

When I did this for Anniston I turned my entire pregnancy and her first Project 52 journal entries into one massive book. It is the neatest thing to look back on and every time I read through it I am reminded of how precious my time is with her. Now I am doing monthly updates on Anniston. My hope is to keep that up to turn her monthly journals into a scrapbook every few years. Since I cannot find the time or energy to print photos and decorate pages anymore, I am considering this is my form of scrap booking for my girls! 

So here is to 52 more weeks of documenting, photographing, and journaling. 
Amelia, let your Project 52 begin. 

Thursday, May 1, 2014

40 Weeks

How Far Along:
40 Weeks Along (04/30/2014)
Where are you baby?! 
I am craving a healthy baby! ALL the time now! :) 
How Am I Feeling:
Well strangely enough I am more comfortable and calm this week than I was last week! I think my body may just be getting used to being uncomfortable! Either way, we are totally ready for baby to make it's debut! When I went in for my 20 week ultrasound, they moved up my due date (they did the same with Anniston - so I should have known better). But regardless, in the back of my mind, I have been thinking, well they said around the it's May 1st, so luckily I wasn't too set on an early arrival! 
Belly Button: 
Well its still out and it's not just my family noticing. I have a little girl in my class that comments on it every time she can see it through my shirt! It's hilarious! My students have been so fun to listen to throughout this pregnancy! Their comments and questions just make me laugh! 
Well, that's not really happening much anymore. I just can't seem to find a comfortable position! Strangely enough if I sit upright I am most comfortable. I think it helps a bit with the heartburn, but in reality, just switching positions every 7 minutes is what helps the most! 
Miss Anything: 
  Just feeling normal again! As fun, exciting and rewarding being pregnant is, sometimes I just want to jump into my bed, read a book on the floor with Anniston or be able to reach across my kidney table in my classroom to point to a word for a student. It's the little things! 
This week is insane. I truly don't remember Anniston moving like this baby does! We have literally seen large body parts push out and move across my stomach. Yes, it's very strange, yet amazing! At night, Nickolas has been pushing in my ribs because they are so uncomfortable! Baby does NOT appreciate this because it has to adjust it's whole body! But it is amazing to see it move during this time! And my ribs also think it feels pretty amazing! 
Most Exciting Moment This Week:
 We hit 40 weeks and Anniston turned 22 months old! She is such a ham and I just love her to pieces! The things she can say, think and act out already just amaze me! I cannot wait to see how she is with baby! 
Looking Forward To:  
Meeting Baby! I think Nickolas and I are really looking forward to that!
Every morning though I ask Anniston if she is ready for Baby to come yet and she always says no. So I am REALLY hoping one of these mornings she says yes so baby feels ready to enter this world!
About Baby R:
Its typically about 7.5 pounds and 20 inches long at this point. On Monday, I have my next appointment - which I really hope I won't be attending! But regardless, at that point in time they will talk about inducing. I just hope I go naturally before than!

Come on Baby R! We cannot wait to meet your beautiful self! 

Here is me at 39 Weeks with Anniston Jean!