Saturday, August 25, 2012

52: 8 Your Personality Appearing

I Want to Remember 
Your Personality Appearing

I cannot believe you are two months old already! In the last two weeks alone I feel like you have changed so much. You are starting to develop your own little personality! Here are some of my favorite moments or lessons learned from this month!

8 Week Check Up:
Dr. Cox
Height: 22.5 Inches (56%)
Weight: 11.6 lbs (63%)
Head Circumference: 15 inches (57%)

I am Superwoman! 
I know everyone oohhs and ahhs over their baby all the time. Who wouldn't. But I seriously think Annie Banannie is the strongest baby. EVER. She holds her head up like a champ and locks her legs out to stand all the time. It is amazing to feel and I show it off to everyone. Yes, even strangers that stop to meet her. Apologies to my friends and family who I show EVERY TIME I see them how strong she is. I also let Anniston know how impressed I am all the time. I consider myself her cheerleader, because everyone needs a cheerleader pushing them on...right?!
Naked Annie showing off her strong legs and giving us a little extra surprise!

Anniston Has her Very Own Pair of Sassy Pants
Although my sweet little girl cannot talk yet, she definitely knows how to express her love for being held! Now I am not complaining, because I know there are plenty of babies out there that just cry to cry. No, not Annie. She just cries when you set her down. It is especially bad after she has been babysat by grandma for a few days. But as long as your body is moving and grooving she is one happy camper. There are times where she is literally in a dead, snoring sleep in my arms (yes, she snores) and I carefully lay her down and BAA!!! You would think that I just did something horrible by her shrieks! Nope...just set her down is all. Sa-ssy!
 Entertaining Anniston with songs and dances!
Even her sassy face is way too sweet!

Sleep Still Rocks
Oh yes, she is still a champ at sleeping through the night! Dare I say we have even developed a schedule?! After her last feeding (usually around 8:00), we take her bath, lotion her up, put on her jammies and swaddle her up. Then we just sing her a few lullabies and lay her in the crib. She usually falls asleep on her own by 9:30. Amazeballs.  

Thrush Sucks
Okay, we have been battling this thrush business for about a month. And I will say that we got thrush and mastitis on the SAME week. My poor boobs. But after giving her medicine for the thrush 10 days and nothing happening, I took extreme measures and got her gentian violet. I have heard from several people that is the only remedy that truly works. Unfortunately it is ridiculously messy - it stained her clothes, her skin, my nipples, her blankets. Lily probably even had stains on her somewhere. It was ridiculous. But I will admit we got a pretty good laugh out of Anniston turning into a purple princess for a few days straight. We tried to hoard ourselves in the house as much as possible while we were purple so people didn't assume I was trying to goth out my baby already. We will wait until she is one for that.
Annie's stained lips and my stained fingers.
Home is a Baby Sanctuary
Music, Vibration, and Soft Fabrics fill our home daily and it is such a calming and peaceful aura. Whenever Nick comes home from work he comments on the calmness of the house. My television watching, has been replaced by soft music. The laundry is done daily and filled with fleece and minky material. And my 50 shades has been stowed away and replaced with sweet picture books. No siree, you can't have a bad day with this baby.
Annie laying in her bouncer.
Girl Clothes Rule
I am obsessed with Anniston's clothes. And her clothes to come. There are WAY too many adorable options to dress her up with. Thank God I had a girl first, because I don't think my boy would be nearly as into headbands as Anniston is. There are days where we don't even leave the house and I just change her outfit because it is so fun and I think she likes to add variety to her day. 
Some of my favorites from top left to right: Child of Mine by Carters Layette, Gymboree shorts, Just One You ensemble.
Bottom from left to right: Gap Romper, Janie & Jack Romper & Onesie, Kicky Pants PJs

Daddy's Voice Makes Me Oh So Happy
There is something about daddy's voice that just makes Anniston show off her gummy smiles. As soon as he comes home from work everyday it is the sweetest thing to see her light up. She can be sleeping, eating, or playing and the second he says, "Hello, it's your papa!" She just lights up. It is the sweetest thing in the World. Love him. Love her. 

Running or Walking? 
So about two weeks ago I decided to start running again. I was super pumped because we got out the jogging stroller and I have been feeling pretty good.  Unfortunately, I am fairly certain that I can walk faster than these attempted runs, but is better than nothing right? In no time I hope I can work my way up to a hobbling speed, one stride at a time right? 
Going for a morning run/walk.

Saturday, August 18, 2012

52:7 Your Baptism

I Want to Remember
Your Baptism
You were so sweet this morning. Mommy was such an emotional mess, but you slept through all of mass. You stretched just a little as father poured the water over your head and you fell right back asleep.

Anniston was baptized on August 19th, 2012. Talk about an emotional morning. Not sure why, but this Momma could not put herself together. But we had so many friends and family that came up to support Anniston on her baptism. 

Annie with her godparents: Uncle Jake & Auntie A

Saturday, August 11, 2012

52:6 Your First "Real" Smiles

You are already six weeks Annie Bananie! We cannot believe how time has passed already and all the changes you've made. In the past few days we have definitely noticed that you're starting to recognize that there is a lot to take in around her - tracking objects that are further away, following our faces and fingers, and you even smile for us now! Sometimes I still think its just because you're gassy, but other times I am certain that you are giggling at our ridiculous baby voices, made up stories, songs, or faces that we are making at you.

Her are a few snapshots of her taking it all in!
Playing with her new activity play mat! So much to take in!
All smiles at home, with grandma and for snuggle time!

Saturday, August 4, 2012

52:5 Giving You Your First Bath

 I want to Remember
Giving You Your First "Real" Bath

I remember your first bath in the hospital. I didn't even give you this bath and I just felt like grabbing you from that nurses arms and holding you close to me. I knew it was something I had to do, but knowing you hated it, made me hate it.
Sponge Baths are Incredibly Stressful.  
Oh my, no one prepared me for how awful sponge baths are! They were filled with tears, goosebumps, and shivers from both Mom and Anniston! We had to give sponge baths at the beginning because her umbilical cord was still attached, but Anniston was NOT a fan. The first time Nick and I got ready to give her one I had the camera ready to capture the moment. As soon as the water touched her she was not impressed. It was the first time I saw her cry tears, real tears. So then I cried tears, real tears. Luckily, dad was there to jump in and rescue both of us. 

Baths in her Bath Tub are Incredibly Sweet. 
I must emphasize, the “in her bath tub” statement! Needless to say, after exactly one week she lost part of her umbilical cord (which was a story within itself) and then by 2 weeks and 2 days she lost all of it. So, now that her belly button is cord free we are onto her little bath tub, and she loves the warm water and her eyes just light up whenever I set her in it. It is one of my favorite things to do with her now! Here’s to happy suds and soap! 
Bath time has turned into my favorite part of the day. You love the water! Watching you kick and splash in the water is bliss. We've even taken a few baths together and daddy just sits with us and watches us play in the tub. You like to push off of me and feel the water run over you.