Sunday, March 30, 2014

Anniston is 21 Months Old!

You are 21 Months Old Today!

While Anniston was 20 Months She:

Helped decorate her new bedroom! We hope to move her into her room next month! Mommy is nervous and Anniston is excited!  

Started going to gymnastics and now does somersaults everywhere. Bring on the bruises!

Started reciting the ABC's by herself. She blends her L, M, N, O and P letters, but it's still adorable!

She still wears 18 months clothes and is in a size 5 for shoes.

Loves coloring and singing nursery rhymes to her baby.

She says "oopsie daisy" whenever she makes a mistake. 

We explored the Children's Museum in Minneapolis.

Anniston's New Bedding made by Mommy! 

Thursday, March 20, 2014

34 Weeks

How Far Along:
34 Weeks Along (03/20/2014)
Chocolate. I gave it up for lent, so now I just would love to have any bit of chocolate possible! But in general, I haven't been nearly as hungry anymore. I am getting full so quickly, so I just find myself grazing throughout the day. I think my stomach is officially out of room for anything else right now! 
How Am I Feeling:
Great!! Spring break is all next week! We are going to SD again this weekend for Sonny's baptism and then I am staying to help out at the Tewalts until Wednesday! I am so excited for my extra time with Sonny, but nervous to be away from my Anniston for so long! This is the longest I'll ever have been away from her, but I know she will be amazing! 
Belly Button: 
Still popped out and Anniston is very amused by this! Its adorable listening to her giggle whenever she sees it or touches it! She has been a lot better about talking to the baby or rubbing my stomach. I think she is starting to understand that there is a baby inside of me, but I think she will fully understand once baby actually arrives! I mean, how does one really explain that to a toddler?!
The weird pregnancy dreams are coming back for me! I want to say thats's normal to have strange dreams while you're pregnant - I think I read that somewhere. But the topics I dream about lately are so bizarre! 
Miss Anything: a normal speed. Just the other day it was really windy out and I was carrying Anniston. So naturally I tried to "run" into the store. By the time I got inside HyVee I was panting and instantly had to use the bathroom. Can't wait to get from point A to point B at a regular pace again! 
I have been having a lot of hiccups lately. At least that is what I am calling them. It is like my entire vibrates for 5 seconds and then I don't feel anything for an hour. Strange? Yes. Normal. I guess so - according to my doctor anyways! 
Most Exciting Moment This Week:
Like I said previously, it is FINALLY spring break! I am ready to have a break from school to go help with Sonny for a few days! It is his baptism on Sunday and Nickolas and this week we were asked to  be his godparents! We feel so blessed to be a part of such a beautiful experience! 
Looking Forward To:  
Finishing up the nursery! We are SOOOO close and I am just obsessed with the woodland theme so far! It is so adorable and different that I cannot wait to post pictures! I am very grateful for Nickolas. He has done a TON of work in the nursery. Our babies are so lucky to have such a loving, creative and imaginative daddy!
About Baby R:
Baby is almost 5 pounds and 18 inches long! No wonder my ribs are constantly getting kicked! If this baby is anything like Anniston, it is probably longer at this point - Anniston was 22inches long! It's nervous system and lungs are continuing to mature in the next few weeks!

Here is me at 34 weeks with Anniston! We went to cheer Nickolas on for his Marathon! 

Thursday, March 6, 2014

32 Weeks

 How Far Along:
32 Weeks Along (03/06/14)
Most Exciting Moment This Week
Sonny Leonard Tewalt was born on Friday, February 28th!
They are all doing wonderful and he is just such a perfect baby. He is so calm, quiet and sweet. I cannot wait to watch him grow and change, but for now, I will just snugle him as much as possible!!
We are heading back to SD this weekend to see him again! 
Eggs are my morning go to meal lately. Nickolas is amazing and makes Anniston and I breakfast every morning - yes, EVERY morning. We are very lucky! So I have been requesting a lot more egg variations lately and Anniston isn't complaining about that either! I think she has had the same cravings that I have throughout the pregnancy! 
How Am I Feeling:
I brought up the itching to my doctor and he did end up testing me for cholestasis - thanks for the advice Lisa! Luckily it came back negative! So I have just been using my exfoliating scrubs and body butter - thanks for the amazing gifts Heather :)  I really think the scrub has made a huge difference! 
Well, sleep has been lacking lately! Every since Sonny's birth, I have been off with my sleep schedule and I am not sure what to do about it! My mind is on "to-do" list mode all the time lately. So now when I lay down at night I can't seem to shut my mind off...
finish conferences, finish baby bedding, have Anniston nap in her new bedroom, school work, etc. 
Miss Anything: 
Well now that I am thinking about sleeping, just sleeping through the night would be a luxury! Yet, at the same time, I know pregnancy just prepares you for the baby's arrival! For now I am waking up to go to the bathroom, put Chapstick on, reposition myself or to get a drink. I think Nick thinks I am crazy for all the movement I do throughout the night! 
Lots of hiccups lately! Nickolas and Anniston have both gotten to feel them and they are just as amazed as I am! It kind of reminds me of the rabbit Thumper, from Bambi, inside of my stomach. It is very rapid and quick thumps. 
Looking Forward To:  
Getting done with conferences and having a spring break! I know this month with fly by because it's our state-wide testing, I have a student teacher and I have conferences to complete! March Madness is an understatement!
About Baby R:
It's about 17 inches long and weighs almost 4 pounds! Which means I am gaining about a pound a week! Exhausting to think about! Also, Baby R now has toenails, fingernails and real hair - not just the peach fuzz! I cannot wait to see if this baby comes out with a full head of black hair like Anniston did!

Here is me at 33 weeks pregnant with Anniston!