Monday, June 8, 2015

Amelia is 14 Months

You are 14 Months Old Today!
While Amelia was 13 Months She: 

Watched Uncle Tyler and Auntie Paige get married.

Spent her last days at Carol's house. We will miss her so much! We wish her a happy retirement.

Started walking at the end of the month! 

Stays occupied for long periods of time by playing with playdoh, the water table and in her rice bin!

Went to the MN zoo two times this month and loved playing in the fountains. 

Giggles at  anything that play music or make noise!

Loves "talking" to herself in the mirror and thinks that she is hilarious.  

She loves bath time and sticking her tongue under the water. 

Waves "ello" to everyone and everything.

Claps when she is proud of herself or excited. 

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