Monday, June 8, 2015

Amelia is 13 Months

You are 13 Months Old Today!
While Amelia was 12 Months She: 

 Could stand up alone and pull herself up on things. 

Babbled all the time! She says Mama, "Onnie", Daddy and "ello"

She is a food fanatic! Typically there is more food on her, than in her, but she loves trying new things!

Loved  feeling different objects in her hands - sand, rice, fabrics. 

Got 1 new teeth this month for a total of 11! 

Had her first ever birthday party with Uncle Tyler and had cake for the first time! She ate more of the cupcake than the actual cake. 

Got into everything and loves pulling things out. And then putting them back. And then taking them out again...

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