Wednesday, April 15, 2015

52:49 My Baby You'll Be

I Want to Remember
My Baby You'll Be

I want to remember my baby you'll be. Meaning this, no matter how quickly time is passing. No matter how hectic this time may seem. No matter how messy you are making things. No matter how many times I pick up the tupperware, just to have you take it out again. No matter how many times you will wake me in the middle of the night.  
You will always be my baby. 
Time is passing so quickly. So quickly that my heart aches. As I write this Anniston is running around, talking insanely well, giving you directions and being so....independent. I vividly remember when she was at this age. Getting into everything and making messes and I thought that was busy. I thought that was hectic. This life is busy. And some days its too busy. But it's beautiful. Wildly beautiful. 
And as long as I am living, my babies you'll be. 

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